56-Year-Old Timothy Olyphant Is Aging Like A Fine Wine

The brilliant actor looks better with age!

Happy Birthday, Timothy Olyphant! The immortal and ageless actor is 56! Fans of the legendary actor should be pleased to know that Olyphant is still healthy and showing no signs of illness whatsoever.

Key Takeaways

  • Timothy Olyphant, the handsome actor, has turned 56.
  • His fans are happy to see him doing what he does best: acting his heart out.
  • Olyphant’s health secret is daily exercise and a planned meal.

The actor will be playing a significant role in the upcoming Noah Hawley Alien series, which will take place three decades before the events of the 1979 movie.

Timothy is booking roles left and right; he also returned in the 2023 miniseries Justified: City Primeval.

As his fans say, the brilliant actor best known for playing Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens in “Justified” looks better with age.

One Reddit user wrote,

He’s so handsome but every time I see a younger picture of him it’s just… meh. You would think someone so good looking would have been extra hot in their heyday, but he looks better the older he gets. NOT saying he wasn’t an attractive young man. Just that his younger pictures really do not stand out to me much. But once you start adding in that little salt and pepper look… and the smile wrinkles/ crows feet by his eyes… damn!

Another user followed,

I know what you mean. He’s a babe.

StoatofDisarray Via Reddit

The third one wrote,

I feel ya. I thought he was hot when we were all younger but now?! Whew! He’s an absolute fox! And he so funny too. I love him.

Straxicus2 Via Reddit

The Cat’s Out The Bag

After reading all these, you may be excited to know how he does it.

The secret of his fitness is physical sports; the actor is a keen tennis player and swimmer who has participated in many pro-celebrity tournaments.

Also, the former sports reporter tries to eat well and on time.

Timothy consumes at least five meals a day, which is a small proportion, and he has rarely consumed sugary cereals.

He prefers steel-cut oatmeal, banana and berries, and regular milk macchiato in the morning.

In fact, the dad of three is his house’s barista, who has taken a milk art class and can proudly put a heart on top of his coffee drinks.

One surprising obsession is his love for a rice cooker, which he uses to prepare overnight oatmeal and fried chicken.

Regardless, he enjoys his nights with red wine, beer, and a good old American whiskey.

As a role model for many, Timothy shares his dietary habits and encourages his fans to prioritize their health and fitness. His message is clear-staying fit is a journey worth embarking on.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Olyphant married his college sweetheart, Alexis Knief, in 1991.
  • His daughter, Vivian, acted alongside him on Justified: City Primeval, portraying his character’s daughter.
  • He avidly enjoys the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Dodgers.


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