Alara Taneri Takes Pride In Her Turkish Cypriot Ethnicity

She and her brother, Ceylan Taneri, are proud of their heritage!

Despite much speculation about her being Greek, “Perfect Match” season 2 star Alara Taneri has Turkish Cypriot heritage.

Key Takeaways

  • Alara Taneri is from Cyprus, although netizens think of her as being from Greece.
  • She and her brother, Ceylan Taneri, are proud of their heritage.
  • Taneri’s mother is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

The Southampton Solent University graduate, Alara Taneri, is of Turkish Cypriot ethnicity.

A year ago, she was featured on the podcast “Girls Knows Nothing,” where she boasted firmly of her origins.

“I’m Turkish Cypriot, and I’ve lived the majority of my life there. My parents were separated. My dad lives over there, so I go there quite often, but yeah, I am a proud Turkish Cypriot.”

Alara Taneri

Talking about her childhood, she said she grew up in Cyprus, but since her parents separated, she came alongside her mom to the UK, and her dad stayed in Cyprus.

Then, her mom met someone in the UK, and the family settled in Dubai for four years.

Taneri and her older brother, Ceylan Taneri, who is also an influencer, love their mum and were scared when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Health Scare Of Mother Shaked Her

Alara Taneri’s mother, Stacey Morgan, was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she recovered and is healthy now.

“We found out near Christmas, and yeah, we got the news, and it was stage three, so I mean, it could have been a lot worse.”

Alara Taneri’

After the diagnosis, the family moved to Wales to provide a better health system.

“We immediately moved to Wales where we could get a better support system, but it was the worst year of our lives, and just seeing my mum really weak.”

Alara Taneri’

Talking about her experience with the surgery of her mother, she said,

My mom is quite overweight, so going into the operation room, she had a higher risk of something happening. The whole two hours, I was praying that everything went so successfully, and the doctor called us and just said listen, your mum’s fine. She’s in recovery. It was now.

Alara Taneri

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Professionally, Alara Taneri is a fashion designer.
  • She entered the Netflix reality series “Dated and Related” season one with her brother.
  • The two are close and share a sweet sibling relationship.


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