Alex Mitchell Thriving By Poking Fun At His Tic & Autism

He suffers from a sudden life-changing illness!

After an incredible comedy routine for his final performance on Britain’s Got Talent, Alex Mitchell has proved that disability doesn’t limit your goals.

The finalist gave his all but still couldn’t take the title from Sydnie Christmas.

However, he raised awareness about his condition and pulled more eyes to the illness.

Key Takeaways

  • Comedian Alex Mitchell has autism and Tourettes, which he uses in his comedy routine.
  • He was the finalist of Biritian’s Got Talent and was close to winning the title.

So, What Is His Disorder?

The primary school teacher suffers from a sudden life-changing illness, “Tic,” aka Tourettes syndrome.

In addition to that, he also has autism.

Regardless, he is making his condition part of his act to raise awareness.

A while back, Alex said,

“I just woke up one day, and the tics were there. I stammered at first and then I started to tic and from there it progressed. It has impacted my life a lot. It is scary and worrying.”

Alex Mitchell

He added,

“I tic in places I’m not supposed to tic. I shout ‘Hey’ in places I’m not supposed to.”

Alex Mitchell

Nonetheless, it hasn’t affected Alex. Although he does have issues with his balance and postural tremors on his hand, he is mobile.

The comedian was diagnosed a week after his 21st birthday:

“I have quite severe headaches quite a lot of the time and tiredness. But I am very lucky; there are people that have it a lot worse. I’m very fortunate.”

Alex Mitchell

Use Of Humor To Deal With Tic

Alex made Tics part of his act and says he pokes fun at his condition because they are “fundamentally funny.”

In an interview with BBC, he said,

“It would be weird not to acknowledge them. I try to use them in the best way possible. But, obviously it changes certain things. Some nights are better than others, some nights we just do two jokes.”

Alex Mitchell

He added,

“But I think embracing them and trying to make them as funny as I can is the easiest and best thing to do.”

Alex Mitchell

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Alex Mitchell comes from Bedford and now lives in Leeds.
  • His content includes jokes about dating, autism, and Tourette’s.


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