Ayesha Madon: The Rising Talent Conquering Stage, Screen, And Music

Ayesha Madon is a versatile artist, showcasing her talents as an actress, singer, and songwriter. Not limited to these roles, she also shines on stage as a theatre performer and dancer.

Key Takeaways

  • Ayesha Madon is a versatile artist, excelling as an actress, singer, songwriter, theatre performer, and dancer.
  • Her breakout role as Amerie in the Netflix reboot of “Heartbreak High” propelled her to international recognition, with the show ranking in the top 10 in Australia and over 43 countries.
  • Beyond her on-screen success, Madon’s musical talents are gaining traction, with a growing Spotify following and the recent release of her music video for “Eulogy.”

The 26-year-old (born on February 10, 1998) has gained significant recognition for her role as Amerie in the reboot of the beloved 90s series “Heartbreak High” in 2022.

The show became a hit on Netflix, ranking among the top 10 in Australia for five weeks and achieving similar success in over 43 countries.

The Netflix comedy-drama is back for season 2, available to stream on April 11.

On-Screen Presence Of The Actress

In 2019, Ayesha Madon made her theatrical debut in the production “Fangirls” at Belvoir Theatre in Sydney.

Her journey in theater includes notable roles such as Juliet in the Australian Shakespeare Company’s rendition of “Romeo and Juliet,” appearing in “Vivid White” at the Melbourne Theatre Company, and contributing as part of the ensemble cast in Morning Melodies.

Transitioning to television, Madon made her small-screen debut in 2021 with a role in “The Moth Effect.

Continuing her television career, she secured a role in the series “Love Me” in 2023, where she starred alongside Bojana Novakovic.

Madon’s talent didn’t go unnoticed, earning her a nomination for the 2023 Logie Awards in the category of the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent.

Rising Music Career

Alongside her pursuits in acting and modeling, she graduated (2018) from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) with a degree in musical theatre, further showcasing her artistic range.

Madon’s music is gaining traction, with each addition to her discography attracting new fans.

With a verified presence on Spotify and around 50,000 monthly listeners, Madon’s music resonates with audiences globally.

Recently, she premiered the music video for her song “Eulogy” on April 4th, further highlighting her creative range.

Acting Is A Family Affair

Ayesha Madon, the rising star, was born and raised in Sydney by her mother, Jasmine Madon, and her father, who stays out of the limelight.

Her parents emigrated from India and didn’t arrive with a lot of money, but that didn’t stop them from motivating her to achieve.

She grew up with two siblings (older sister Ava and brother Aaresh Madon) and two older half-siblings from her father’s previous marriage.

While her parents were no longer together, she embraced their work ethic. Her older siblings are involved in theater, prompting Ayesha to follow in her footsteps.

Sister Ava is her role model, who has always fiercely advocated prioritizing positive body image.

Still her biggest motivator, she is busy doing stage shows and dating Tahir Ansari, a DJ and a hybrid athlete.


Does Ayesha Madon Have Anxiety?

With her new-found fame, the actress is trying her best to cope with her anxiety, a feeling she has struggled with since she was 11. The condition progressively worsened and peaked right before she landed the role on Heartbreak High. She went to therapy and now meditates and exercises to stay on top of it.

What Is Ayesha Madon’s Plan In 2024?

She has many plans for 2024; she plans to return to dance class, piano lessons, and acting class and also learn the Ableton course. Moreover, anticipation is high as her first EP is set to be released this year, promising a new chapter in her musical journey.


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