Baseless Rumor Of James Spader Suffering Heart Attack Breaks The Internet

The hoax gained more traction after a Twitter user shared an edited Wikipedia page showing Spader's "Years Active" as 1978-2024.

After a TikTok video claimed James Spader had suffered a fatal heart attack, his fans are really worried and concerned about his wellbeing.

But let us assure you that it is a baseless rumor with no credible source backing this up.

This misinformation gained traction on the 10th of June when a TikTok account, “news.wave_,” posted a video claiming Spader had passed away on June 9th “due to complications from a heart attack at his home in Los Angeles.”

Soon enough, the video garnered more than 900k views as it was reshared across various social media, including X (formerly Twitter).

@oliviaeyy♬ original sound – OliviaEyy

TikTok user “oliviaeyy” shared the same video with utter disbelief.

Fans started flooding the comment sections, claiming the news to be untrue, citing a lack of reputable sources.

It seems to be a lie,” one commented.

It’s another James Spader in Florida,” another one followed, referring to someone of the same name.

To make matters worse, one Twitter user shared an edited Wikipedia page showing James’ “Years Active” as 1978-2024, fueling the already widespread speculations.

However, a quick check showed that Spader’s Wikipedia page, IMDB page, and Google biography all list him as still alive.

The rumors were definitively put to rest when Twitter user Tina Marie, who said she had previously spoken to Spader, confirmed,

“James Spader is still alive and did not have a heart attack.”

Tina Marie

As per our research, the “news.wave_” TikTok account appears to spread misinformation, with its bio reading “Dark Humour Don’t get mad” and several other false celebrity de*th videos.

While brief panic ensued among some fans, the hoax about James Spader’s heart attack was quickly disproven across social media platforms.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • After turning 50, James became more concerned about his health because of the number of people dying of heart attacks in their 50s.
  • James is an award-winning actor with three Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in his name.
  • The talented actor’s favorite genre is psychological thriller.


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