Bayleigh Pelham And Her Partner Plan To Enjoy The Trip Of Their Dream With The Winning Prize

Congratulation to the winner!

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: Bayleigh Pelham, aka “The Bob,” has done it! She made history by winning “Big Brother Canada 12.”

She broke the curse by being the first contestant to go in first and come out by winning the grand prize.

Key Takeaways

  • Bayleigh Pelham has won season 12 of Big Brother Canada and received a $100,000 check, among other sponsored prizes.
  • The reality star is in a relationship with her girlfriend, whose name is yet to be revealed.
  • The couple are parents to a dog, Arty.

Bayleigh Pelham Is Dating Someone

The 34-year-old Canadian from Halifax, Nova Scotia, is in a relationship with a girl.

Yes, you heard it right!

The bold and beautiful “Big Brother” contestant is a member of the LGBTQ community.

Discussing the details of her love life, one Reddit user wrote,

Her home had a pic of her girlfriend and then her gf was the one who was at the Wendy’s thing

Moreover, at the start of her journey in the reality show, Pelham mentioned that she was in a relationship with her girlfriend in an interview.

However, Bayleigh has yet to reveal the name of her partner.

In addition, she has kept her Instagram private, so only her 5K followers see her posts.

We can only view one thing: her bio that states,

“Stay away from me if I’m hungry.”

As a result, we couldn’t pinpoint the exact name of her girlfriend.

Some fans even speculate that her girlfriend is singer and cover artist Samantha Gracie, as they have often covered songs together.

Nonetheless, they are just friends, and Gracie has a boyfriend.

Bayleigh loves traveling, as she has said of being spontaneous and “booking a flight across the world in the middle of the night.”

When she was asked what would she do if she won, Bayleigh said,

I would buy an amazing trip and experience for me and my girlfriend.

Bayleigh Pelham

Now, she can finally go to her dream destination with her partner and enjoy her life.

What we do know is the reality star is the mother of a doggy named Arty, aka King Arthur, her most prized possession.

Arty celebrates its birthday on February 18 (born in 2021) and is La Pom.

Pelham loves spending time with her dog and partner, and for her, a perfect day is,

A huge breakfast, going to the park with my girlfriend and dog, a fun activity, and then popcorn on the couch watching a movie.”

Bayleigh Pelham

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • The reality star celebrity crush is singer and businesswoman Rihanna.
  • During stress, Pelham tries to exercise and be in nature to heal.
  • The former bartender has a brother, Luke Pelham.


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