Bridgerton: Did Lady Danbury Have A Child With Lord Ledger? Relationship And Affair With Violet’s Father

Lady Danbury forms a strong connection with Lord Ledger after her husband, Lord Danbury, passes on.

The short answer is no. Despite their deep and intimate bond, Lady Danbury did not have a child with Lord Ledger, the father of Violet, in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Lady Danbury forms a strong connection with Lord Ledger after her husband, Lord Danbury, passes on.

They also had a brief affair that marked her first true love experience. Nevertheless, it did not go beyond that.

Their brief love story ends when Lord Ledger brings his daughter Violet Bridgerton on one of their walks.

Following this, Lady Danbury goes on to the court and ultimately refuses the Queen’s brother, choosing to stay single.

While it is true that Lady Danbury and Lord Ledger did not have a child together, people are not convinced of this fact.

There is ongoing speculation on Facebook regarding Lady Danbury’s relationship with Lord Ledger, with some users wondering if they had a child together.

One user asked, “Is anyone else thinking Lady Danbury got pregnant for Lord Ledger?

Another user commented,

“It’s not impossible. She travelled a lot and could’ve easily, had the baby abroad. She could’ve discovered she was pregnant sometime before/after she had turned down the queen’s brother. I always use suspension of disbelief in these unanswered scenarios of what could’ve happened that we didn’t see.”

While Lady Danbury has a rich backstory and significant influence in the series, there is no indication that she had a child with Lord Ledger.

In fact, Lady Danbury was married to Lord Danbury, and they had four children together: Dominic, Cedric, Melissa, and Anne.

However, it is known that Lady Danbury’s marriage was unhappy, as Lord Danbury was unkind, abusive, and not an attentive father.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Lord Ledger, portrayed by Keir Charles, was married to Vivian Ledger in the Bridgerton series.
  • Violet, portrayed by Ruth Gemmell, is the mother of the eight Bridgerton siblings.


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