Calvin Demba Was Raised By A Single Mother

She is credited for the actor's success!

Netflix “Supacell” actor Calvin Demba didn’t have a father growing up; hence, his mother gave everything she had to provide for him and gave him a better future.

Key Takeaways

  • Calvin Demba was raised by Callie Demba, a single mother who supported his acting career from a young age.
  • Demba’s acting journey began at 16 when he took classes at the Limehouse youth theatre Half Moon, which led to his first role on “Hollyoaks.”
  • Despite facing challenges growing up without a father, Demba has built a successful career in acting and has expanded into writing and directing.

Parents Separated Before He Was 10

Calvin Demba was born to his mother, Callie Demba, in 1993 in Stepney, London, England.

Callie is a former primary school teacher who is credited for all of the actor’s success.

Calvin Demba Photographed With His Mother (Source: Facebook)

She cared for him and his sister, Ashanti, as a single mother when his father left the family when Demba was seven or eight.

His mom also took the initiative to apply to an agency on his behalf.

He recalled,

I started to audition. When I got my first job I thought, ‘This is something I can get my teeth into.’ I’ve been lucky and any opportunities I’ve been given, I’ve taken.

Calvin Demba

Talking about his supportive family, he said,

“My mum, my little sister, my nan, and all my mates from home are in it. My family are 100 percent behind me in any artistic endeavour I do.”

Calvin Demba

Callie had to struggle in the past, but since her son is now doing great in his career, she lives a retired life, traveling the world with her partner, Tommy Butler.

Moreover, sister Ashanti is now all grown up and is a college graduate, having her degree from the University of Roehampton in 2021.

Journey Started As A Teenager

At the age of 16, Calvin Demba began taking acting classes at the Limehouse youth theatre Half Moon.

Since he was good from the get-go, he immediately scored a role on the Channel 4 soap “Hollyoaks”; the rest is history.

In 2011, he was cast as Scott Sabeka in “Hollyoaks” which boosted his popularity. He acted as Sabeka for a year, filming 82 episodes.

His theatrical debut came after two years in the play Routes, in which he portrayed Kola and was staged at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

As time went on, he secured various roles in movies such as “Brotherhood” (2016), “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” (2017), “Killed by My Debt” (2018), “Last Christmas” (2019), “The Rig” (2023), and many others.

Not only that, Calvin is also a writer and director, debuting in 2022 with a short film, “Babydolls.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Calvin Demba is dating Irish actress Louisa Harland, known for “Derry Girls” (2018–2022) and the Disney+ series “Renegade Nell” (2024).
  • He has mixed ethnicity; he is of Gambian, African-American, and Scottish descent.
  • Before acting took off, Demba was boxing at a local gym and also was a decent footballer.


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