Catherine Keener Served As Her Sister’s Role Model

Elizabeth Keener followed in the footsteps of her elder sister.

Did you know Catherine Keener has a sister in the entertainment field?

Elizabeth Keener is an actress and producer who has credit in movies such as “Friends with Money” (2006), “Cross Bronx”(2004) and “Ticket to the Circus” (2012).

Nonetheless, she is best known for playing Dawn Denbo on the Showtime American lesbian drama “The L Word” (2008).

In addition, the talented sister is also a real estate agent working for Sotheby’s in Los Angeles.

Key Takeaways

  • Catherine Keener’s sister, Elizabeth, is also equally talented; she is an actress, producer, and real estate agent.
  • The sisters grew up in Miami, in the care of parents Jim and Evelyn, along with three siblings.
  • They were raised in Roman Catholic households and attended Catholic school as a child.

Childhood Story Of The Sisters

The sisters were born and raised in Miami, Florida, where they grew up with three other siblings.

Elizabeth was born on December 1, 1966 (57 years old), while her older sister Catherine was born on March 26, 1959 (65 years old).

In fact, Elizabeth was raised observing her elder sister, who considers her a role model.

They were born to mother Evelyn, of Lebanese descent, and Jim, of Irish descent, in a Roman Catholic household.

Interstingly, Catherine once planned to be a nun, who used to dress conservatively and attended the Monsignor Edward Pace High School.

It was well and true until her rebellious tendencies got in the way, and she got kicked out of Catholic school.

The actress said, “I still love churches and cathedrals. I love the quietude. I used to skip recess and go stare at the Stations of the Cross. And I was punished for skipping recess and not for standing on the fu*king altar!”

She added, “The girl is bad, boy is good thing really started to piss me off, too. That’s the problem with most organised religions. The patriarchy. I just didn’t buy it.”

The girls’ father worked in a mattress store behind where a rep cinema was located.

Hence, he used to take them to watch movies, and since he was from the mountains of North Carolina, they’d watch westerns all the time.

Reminsing about the beautiful time, Catherine said, “In the movies, everything was so different from my upbringing. I mean, I was this street kid in Miami. Movies and the World Book Encyclopedia were the only things that exposed me to life outside of being a Catholic girl.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Elizabeth was the voice behind “Tonya” and the female medic in “Mr.Mathers” for Eminem on his 2009 album: “Relapse.”
  • Her first acting credit was in the 1994 movie “Teresa’s Tattoo” as a party babe.
  • The actress was also the flight attendant in the popular rom-com movie, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”


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