Cody Christian’s Mother Is A Cancer Survivor

Cody Christian loves his family!

“All-American” actor Cody Christian takes his daddy duties seriously, which in some ways was inspired by the love and care of his parents.

Key Takeaways

  • Cody Christian loves his family, as evidenced by his symbolic tattoos.
  • His mother is an inspiration to all, including him, as she has overcome breast cancer.
  • Despite challenges, the Christian family remains closely knit, supporting one another through thick and thin.

Cody Christian has kept his family on his palm; each finger tattooed for every family member.

The index finger has a rose representing his mom, the middle finger has a viper representing his dad, and the ring finger has a bunch of 0s and 1s for his brother.

Overcoming Difficulty Through Support

The actor was born and raised by his mother, Ashley Bohall, and his father, Scott Bohall.

Cody’s mom is a native American who overcame a battle with breast cancer after she was diagnosed in 2014.

The actor posted a photo with his mom in October 2015 on Facebook, stating:

“My #WCW is my mother! She is the strongest women I know. This was taken on a day she was going through chemo and still came to see me on set.”

After almost a year, he shared a beautiful and heartbreaking tribute to her on Instagram on March 24, 2016.

“Took this photo of my mom last year on her path to recovery against breast cancer,” he begins. “It still has as much of an impact on me today as it did when I took it. Wouldn’t be far without her. Her strength is immeasurable. And something I sought after time and time again.”

Ashley has completely recovered and now has long, dark hair, but she has had her share of trouble.

In 2023, she was again admitted to the hospital after her cat accidentally bit her hand and had a severe infection.

Nowadays, everything is going well in her life, and she is often photographed traveling or going to shooting ranges with her husband.

Although Scott is extremely supportive, he has completely avoided the spotlight, just like Cody’s brother, Joshua.

You can find the handsome brother on his Instagram page, @therealjoshma, where he has shared a few pictures.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Cody Christain’s mom is Penobscot, an Indigenous person in North America.
  • The actor grew up on a reservation in Maine.
  • Christian has campaigned to raise money for breast cancer research since his mom’s battle with the disease.


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