Cressida Cowper Husband Lord Twombley’s Tragic Destiny

Lord Debling does not exist in the book series, as he was actually made up for the show.

The ill-mannered and self-centered debutante Cressida Cowper takes a significant role in season 3 of “Bridgerton.” Will she finally get a redemption arc?

Key Takeaways

  • Cressida Cowper takes center stage in season 3, part 1, as her journey to finding a potential husband continues.
  • Her story has been slightly twisted in the series compared to the novel.
  • In book three, “An Offer From A Gentleman,” she weds to a noble, Lord Twombley, who shortly passes away, leaving her window, struggling with money.

In part one of the latest season, we get to see a different angle of the character and why she behaves like a bully.

In short, her ‘cold‘ parents will marry her to any member of the elite social class if she doesn’t choose her partner soon.

That’s why some fans have developed a little sympathy for her, but her mean-girl persona cannot be easily forgotten.

The series and book slightly differ in the case of Cressida Cowper. How? Well, for starters, although she has her eyes set on Lord Debling, but no, they dont marry in the book.

In fact, Lord Debling does not exist in the book series, as he was actually made up for the show.

What Happened To Cressida Cowper Husband?

Spoiler Alert!

In the third novel, “An Offer From A Gentleman,” she marries a noble, Lord Twombley, with an impressive fortune.

Turns out it was a fluke! Cressida quickly realizes she married down and not up, as Twonbly was not as rich as she had thought. Moreover, her dowry didn’t last long.

After only three months of marriage, the old Lord had a heart attack and passed away.

Lord Twombley’s departure was before the plot of the fourth novel, “Romancing Mr. Bridgerton,” and she ends up a widow struggling financially.

Nonetheless, since her story differs slightly from the original, they may get married in part 2, or she may find an unexpected romance with another woman.

However, according to our estimation, the story will slowly introduce Lord Twombley in part 2 or season 4, and she will finally seal her fate.

Many fans think her fate should be the same as in the book. One Reddit user wrote,

I’d love it to be like the books – she marries a “gross old man” who dies a few years later and leaves her with very little money.

BuckeyeFoodie Via Reddit

Likewise, another user said,

I understand some people feel pity for her but please don’t. Based on all of Quinn’s books where she’s made an appearance, and also based on the show itself, Cressida Cowper is a true bitch. She’s bitter and stupid though she thinks she’s smart. Being an only child has made her unable to understand sibling bonds.

Low_Plate_6815 Via Reddit

While other fans are expecting somewhat of a redemption and justice to her character:

Call me a sucker, but I would prefer to have her grow and change as a character and then get a somewhat happy ending. In my perfect world Polin would be a wake up call for her and Pen would find her like sobbing in the garden or something and she would admit how all her antics were out of desperation to get married and they would form a tentative friendship and Cressida would grow and be better and then marry a decent man of decent means.

17sunflowersand1frog Va Reddit

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Cressida Cowper’s character is portrayed by Jessica Madsen, who is from London and grew up in Surrey under the care of her father, Jens Madsen, and mother, Julia Timewell.
  • Jessica graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, completing her education in 2013.
  • She is related to the famous English writer Dorothy Whipple, who is her maternal great-great-aunt.


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