Daran Norris Is Married To Husband Ray Garcia After Divorce In 2012

Daran Norris, the voice of Cosmo, has a husband. This revelation often catches many fans off guard.

However, this news is not recent, as he has been married to fellow actor Ray Garcia since December 4, 2021.

It was Norris’ second marriage as he was initially wedded to voice actress Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in 1988 but divorced in 2012.

Key Takeaways

  • Daran Norris has been in a relationship with actor Ray Garcia for more than 2 years. 
  • Garcia has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment field.

Ray Garcia is a multi-faceted personality from Bay City, Texas.

He is a dancer, singer, actor, choreographer, photographer, and makeup artist with over two decades of experience.

Ray went to the prestigious Makeup Designory School in Burbank, California.

Since 1990, he has been taking photographs, which gradually led to his company, Ray Garcia Photography, in 2004.

Before that, he honed his skills as a choreographer with ‘Live it Up‘ productions for six and a half years, bringing creativity and passion to each project.

Similarly, Ray worked for four years as a freelance makeup artist for Chanel and another four for Total Pop Star before establishing “Makeup by Ray.”

The gifted individual worked as a performer at Disneyland from 1983 to 1993. Additionally, he had the opportunity to work with singer Debbie Gibson.

Garcia also lent his vocal talents to STILETTO Entertainment and performed as a singer for Holland America Line.

From Stage to Studio: The Journey of Ray Garcia

Currently, Garcia is the owner and CEO of “Bay City Academy of Performing Arts,” which he runs alongside his husband.

The brilliant actor had a long journey before settling down to run his art school.

Ray honed his skills at the respected Joe Tremaine Dance Studio in Los Angeles and eventually became an instructor there.

Then, he traveled the globe teaching and performing before returning to Bay City to impart his passion and expertise in dance to its residents.

Among his notable achievements, the actor has portrayed Fernando on “Desperate Housewives,” appeared in the independent film “Neverland,” and appeared in the movie “Rent.”

On stage, he has played Angel in “Rent on Broadway,” “Peter Pan” alongside Cathy Rigby, and many more.

During his three-year residency in Rome, Italy, Garcia showcased his talents on Italy’s renowned TV program “Fantastico” and took on the role of Daddy in the Italian adaptation of “Sweet Charity.”


Is Daran Norris Related To Chuck Norris?

No, the actors aren’t related. Even though Daran and Chuck share the same surname, they don’t share any relation.

Who Are Ray Garcia’s Parents?

While not much information is available about his family, it is known that Ray has four brothers: Prexie, Mariano, Jose Louis, and Jesse Garcia.

Where Does Daran Norris Live?

The actor lives in Bay City, Texas, with his husband. He is a board member and director of the Community Actors of South Texas.


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