Deacon Waves Goodbye: A Shocking Retirement Shakes Up 20-Squad

Sergeant David ‘Deacon’ Kay’s future in the 20-Squad is uncertain as he has decided to retire from the tough job.

Jay Harrington portrays the character on S.W.A.T., who is a ten-year veteran, mentor, and second-in-command of the team.

Key Takeaways

  • Long-time officer David “Deacon” Kay announces his retirement from the elite SWAT team, shocking his colleagues.
  • Deacon’s choice comes from a promise to his wife to prioritize family over his demanding job, especially since she is now working full-time.
  • Though his team leader, Hondo, understands that Deacon’s absence will deeply impact the tight-knit SWAT unit he has been a part of for years.

The decision comes in after two team members have already moved on.

Jim Street (played by Alex Russell) left after being asked to replace Barry Jones, the leader of the Long Beach Police Department’s S.W.A.T. team, who was killed during an operation.

Then, Dominique Lucca (played by Kenny Johnson) was forced to retire after getting shot while trying to stop a burglary.

Doomsday Dilemma: SWAT Vet’s Shocking Exit Amid Family Crisis

In season 7, episode 8, titled “Family Man,” the SWAT team deals with a family of doomsday preppers barricaded in their home.

Deacon finds himself in the middle of the situation, and tensions rise when Hondo learns from his wife Nichelle that Deacon plans to retire.

When confronted by Hondo about rumors of his retirement, Deacon confirms that it’s true.

His decision stems from a promise to his wife to prioritize family over his demanding job, especially with her now working full-time.

“It’s complicated. It’s something that Annie and I talked about before Luca got shot. I know this is bad timing, but I wanted to honor my promise to Annie, and then with the uncertainty of Luca’s recovery, I put off saying something.”

Deacon had delayed announcing his retirement due to concerns about Luca’s recovery from being shot, not wanting to burden his team further.

Then, he apologized to Hondo because he didn’t want him to find out about it from someone else.

“You were on this team when I joined. I don’t know what 20 Squad looks like without you on it,” said Hondo.

Despite Hondo’s reluctance to accept Deacon’s departure, he ultimately respects his decision and bids him a heartfelt farewell, acknowledging the significant void Deacon’s absence will leave in the team.

S.W.A.T. has been Deacon’s main commitment for quite a while. Now, he feels it’s time to switch things up. He’s formally resigning but intends to stick around for a few weeks to help in the transition.

However, remember that this season was supposed to be the show’s last, but CBS decided to renew it for an eighth season just a day before the episode aired.

So, there’s a chance Deacon might change his mind as the series is incomplete without him.


Who Are Jay Harrington’s Parents?

Harrington was born and grew up in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with his parents, Judy and Terry Harrington. He has two brothers, Adam, an actor, and Matt.

Is Jay Harrington Married?

The actor was formerly married to Monica Richards, a successful business owner, in 2016 but divorced in 2019.

Where Did Jay Harrington Go For High School?

He went to Wellesley High School and then studied theater at Syracuse University.


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