Devon Weetly Slams Rumor Of His Passing That Went Viral On TikTok

"What's going on, beautiful people? Say hi to Lizzy (camera pointed toward his dog)… I just wanted to hop on here and say I'm not dead!"

Los Angeles, California: A TikTok video went viral, with 8 million views and 550K likes, claiming the actor Devon Weetly had passed away.

The actor best known for his roles in the Dhar Mann mini-series has come forward to deny the rumor.

Key Takeaways

  • Devon Weetly has denied rumors circulating social media of his passing with a couple of Instagram stories.
  • The rumor started after his friend posted a cardboard cut of his face with the caption “RIP Devon.”
  • Weetly has asked fans not to believe such allegations and to think before they post something online.

Devon has posted a video on his Instagram story showing him walking in a park with his dog.

Devon Confirming The Rumor Is Untrue (Source: Instagram)

Talking about the rumor, he said, “What’s going on, beautiful people? Say hi to Lizzy (camera pointed toward his dog)… I just wanted to hop on here and say I’m not dead!

The actor added, “I’m not dead! Yeah! I’m good.” Then, Weetly went on to tell the story of how the rumor started.

It all happened after Tiktoker and his friend, actress Neela Jolene, posted a story on her Instagram a few days ago.

In it, she had a cardboard cut-out of his photo with the caption, ‘RIP Devon.’

Since he isn’t much on social media, Weetly didn’t know about the story, but fans of the actor went with the narrative that he had ‘passed away‘ without confirming or trying to verify the fact.

But little did they know it was for a video skit. The actor was also shocked to hear the news but was thankful that many cared about his well-being.

Neela Posted The Screenshot Of The Tiktok Video On Her Instagram Story (Source: Instagram)

This is another reminder to netizens not to believe everything they see on social media unless it comes from an official source.

Devon has also asked fans to be sensible and use their brains by saying,

Hypothetically, even if I was dead, you think that the way people would find out would be, you know, the grand reveal on Neela’s story for 24 hours, with a laughing emoji beside, and that’s it…we gotta go better, guys.


When Did Devon Weetly Start Acting?

He started acting as a young kid in musicals and plays for fun, but it slowly became his passion. In 2019, Devon started acting professionally and got roles in small projects. He now has a good portfolio, with credits including “Primo,” “P.S. Positive Stories,” “Friendzy Friday,” and many more.

Has Devon Weetly Acted In Nike Commerical?

Yes, he has played the charismatic character “Big Z,” aka Zion Williamson’s #1 fan in a Jordan/Nike commercial campaign.

What Does Devon Weetly Like To Do Beside Acting?

Besides acting, he loves playing sports, studying movies, flying drones, and is fascinated by animals and wildlife.


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