Drew Starkey Busy Filming “Outer Banks” Season 4

He was recently spotted filming for the highly anticipated fourth season!

“Outer Banks” fans are excited to discover the plot of season four, which is just around the corner as Drew Starkey and the rest of the cast are busy filming the new season.

Key Takeaways

  • Drew Starkey was recently spotted filming for the highly anticipated fourth season of Netflix’s hit series “Outer Banks” in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • While the release date for Season 4 is yet to be officially announced, fans are speculating an October 2024 premiere based on the ongoing filming schedule.

Netflix’s action-adventure mystery teen drama will likely be released in October 2024, but it is doubtful since the taping is still ongoing.

Starkey was spotted last week with Madelyn Cline filming for OBX 4 in Charleston, South Carolina.

A TikTok user posted a video with the caption, “POV: You were taking a walk in Shem Creek and ran into a film set, and it ended up being one of your favorite shows!!!”

The 30-year-old actor is loved as the hotheaded Rafe Cameron, who is also a drug addict.

Before the release of season 3, in an interview, he said,

“What we’ve done this season, which is really interesting, is we’ve taken these characters that we’re familiar with and plucked them out of their natural friend groups and placed them into situations where they’re really uncomfortable, and they have to test themselves. They’re challenged a lot.”

The actor is juggling quite a few roles nowadays; he is also starring alongside Daniel Craig in the 2024 drama movie “Queer.”

Is Drew Starkey Still Alive?

Drew Starkey’s online appearance has always been faint—to the point that it was announced that he passed away in 2023.

Many news sites covered the rumor, debunking the hoax and assuring the fans that he was healthy and well.

It isn’t unusual for celebrities to go through these rumors as they reach success.

But, for him, it started when he was practically inactive on social media.

As an infrequent social media user, he still boasts 4 million followers with just 5 Insta posts.

His last Instagram update was on February 29, sharing the link to his interview with GQ magazine.

Nonetheless, fans of the actor love every glimpse of him; every post has over 500K likes.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • The actor’s father is Todd Starkey, a college basketball coach for the Kent State women’s team, and his mother, Jodi Starkey, a school counselor.
  • Drew can play the guitar and the piano.
  • He graduated with a double major in English and theatre performance from Western Carolina University in 2016.


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