False Rumors of China McClain’s Health & Illness Scare: Actress is Alive & Thriving

“I wish China or someone would clear of her passed-away rumors. I’m confused. Is China alive or not?”

Do not believe everything you see on the Internet, folks. Our beloved Charlotte McKenzie, from the Grown Ups, aka China McClain, is alive and thriving.

Ever since her dea*th hoax went viral over social media, the internet has gone crazy.

She recently attended the 3rd Annual Gala organized by “The Cameron Boyce Foundation.”

So What Exactly Happened?

After the rumors of her untimely passing went viral on the internet, her well-wishers bombarded the comment section on her Instagram, showing concern.

While some believed the false rumors and went far enough to comment, “Rest In Peace,” on her posts, others reassured them, stating that she is okay and alive.

A fan commented on her Instagram, showing concern,

“I wish China or someone would clear of her passed-away rumors. I’m confused. Is China alive or not?”

Another one wrote,

“Uhm….did she actually pass away, or is this YouTube video just making up stuff ?! ”

Nevertheless, rest assured: China is alive and thriving. She does not have any sort of illness or injury as of this writing.

Recent Annual Gala Appearance

As mentioned before, this past weekend, China attended the third Annual Gala organized by The Cameron Boyce Foundation.

She looked all sexy with a Manila pink floral print rosette sleeveless v-neck maxi dress.

China and Cameron Boyce’s friendship goes way back, having shared screen in movies such as Grown Ups and Descendants.

Unfortunately, Boyce lost his life when he suffered a seizure at 20 and died in his sleep in July 2019.

During what would have been Cameron’s 25th birthday, China paid a beautiful tribute to him with an Instagram post. She posted a picture of them together with a caption that read,

“Happy birthday, Cam  I love you.”

China McClain


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