Francesca Bridgerton Asexual Claim Is Simply False

After the series aired, few fans were quick to raise questions about the protagonist’s sexuality!

Netflix’s massive historical romance television series “Bridgerton” is back! Season 3’s first half, with four episodes, is available for streaming!

This installment’s central storyline is Francesca Bridgerton, the sixth Bridgerton sibling, who was more of a background character in seasons one and two.

Key Takeaways

  • Bridgerton’s season three is available on streaming and focuses on Francesca Bridgerton as the center of the plot.
  • Since the role doesn’t prioritize marriage and love, a few viewers also claimed that she may be asexual.
  • However, Francesca Bridgerton later falls in love and gets married too.

Actress Hannah Dodd portrayed the character, previously played by Ruby Stokes, who left the show to film the supernatural drama “Lockwood & Co.”

With season 3, it’s time for Francesca to enter the marriage mart after spending enough time in Bath with Aunt Winnie.

After the series aired, few fans were quick to raise questions about the protagonist’s sexuality, some even claiming that she might be asexual.

To be fair, they do have a point! Francesca is not thrilled about her wedding and is only focused on piano.

In fact, she wants to get married soon, not to fall in love but to complete the whole business and return to music.

While talking about her role, Dodd said,

She’s not fighting it. She’s going to these balls. She is trying to find a husband.

Hannah Dodd

She continued,

I think the difference is that she’s not excited about it. She’s not spent her entire life dreaming about what her wedding day will look like and what her husband’s going to be. She just knows it’s her time, and this is part of life, and here we go.

Hannah Dodd

Regardless, we at Amy-Movie can confirm the character is not asexual.

Selection Of Future Husband

In episode three, Francesca meets Lord Samadani, the person Queen Charlotte wants her to marry.

In addition, the pianist encounters Lord John Stirling, a contemplative suitor who is equally shy.

Hence, Francesca feels an instant connection as they sit quietly together.

“John doesn’t try to change Francesca. There’s a really beautiful thing about being comfortable with someone,”

says Dodd about their blooming romance.

Spoiler Alert! Marriage And Twist

Based on the book “When He Was Wicked,” let’s examine the future of Francesca and John’s relationship.

Yes, the couple gets married! But, for the fans shipping them, don’t get too attached.

Although they are wedded, the novel focuses on the love story between Francesca and John’s cousin, Michael.

The cousin falls in love with Francesca at first sight, just 36 hours before their wedding, but he leaves it be.

However, John passes away two years after the marriage and then begins their romance, the book’s major plot.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Bridgerton showrunner has confirmed the show will feature queer love in the coming seasons, but it is yet to be revealed if the relation is between Bridgerton siblings or not.
  • Hannah Dodd began her career in modeling at the age of 16.
  • In addition to Bridgerton, her popular roles were in Hulu’s “Find Me in Paris” and Netflix’s “Enola Holmes 2.”


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