Freddie Fox And Tanya Reynolds Are The Perfect Match

Freddie Fox, the charming British actor, has joined the cast of “The Sandman.” He will play Loki in the second season of the Netflix show.

He started acting at the age of seven, and with each additional year, Freddie has solidified his position in the world of cinema.

In recent years, Fox’s popularity has skyrocketed among “Game of Thrones” fans after starring in the “House of the Dragon” series as Gwayne Hightower.

If you’re also a fan of the series, we have some good news: season 2 of the show will resume in June, where you can catch Freddie in action.

Till then, let’s look at the love life of the rising star.

Key Takeaways

  • Freddie Fox is dating Tanya Reynolds, who is best known as Lily from the Netflix series, “Sex Education.”
  • The couple has been dating since 2020, after meeting in 2016.
  • They were rarely seen together in public until recently when they were pictured walking down the road.

Freddie Fox Has An Actress Girlfriend

The 35-year-old Freddie Fox has been dating “Sex Education” star Tanya Reynolds for almost four years.

The actress was born and raised in Hertfordshire, England; her father was a builder, and her mother was a sign writer.

Her first experience in acting was at the age of four in the school nativity.

Starting her acting gigs from school, Reynolds was a natural star. She won a fully-funded scholarship to attend the Oxford School of Drama and graduated in 2015.

Her first big break was as a series regular in the 2016 comedy-drama, “Delicious.”

Likewise, her other credits include “Death in Paradise” (2017), “Outlander” (2017), “Emma” (2020), I Hate You (2022), “The Decameron” (2024), and many more.

In June 2020, it was reported that the couple was dating, but no official confirmation was made.

They first met in 2016 during the production of the period drama “Fanny Lye Deliver’d,” where they played a young couple, Thomas and Rebecca.

During that time, one source close to the couple said, “Freddie likes to keep his private life private, so he hasn’t been making a big song and dance about their relationship.”

The source also added, “It’s early days, but the pair are infatuated with each other.

They were even said to have isolated at his London home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, even after many years, the couple has not been sighted together, apart from an appearance on the red carpet when they were promoting “Fanny Lye Deliver’d.”

Until now!

They have recently been photographed together holding hands and walking on the street.

But, this is not the first partner of the “White House Farm” actor. He was previously in relation with actress Tamzin Merchant before breaking up in 2013.

After two years, in 2015, Fox hinted that he might be bisexual by stating he didn’t rule out settling down with a man.

“I wouldn’t wish to go ‘I am this or I am that’ because at some time in my life, yes, I’ve had girlfriends, but I might fall in love with a man.”


Is Freddie Fox Related To Laurence Fox?

Yes, Freddie is related to Laurence, as they are cousins. The actor comes from a long line of family members who work in the entertainment industry.

Who Was Freddie Fox In The Great?

The actor played the role of “King Hugo of Sweden” in the comedy-drama series “The Great.”

How Old Is Tanya Reynolds?

Tanya Reynolds was born on 4 November 1991, making her 32 years old.


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