From Basement to Billion-Dollar Broker In 40s: Nile Lundgren’s Real Estate Rise

His story is nothing short of a miracle!

Netflix’s “Owning Manhattan” cast member Nile Lundgren is a real estate broker and a veteran of NYC Real Estate. The man, who is just in his early 40s, has achieved a lot at a young age and is self-made.

Key Takeaways

  • Nile Lundgren, a cast member of Netflix’s “Owning Manhattan,” is a self-made real estate broker who achieved significant success by his early 40s.
  • Lundgren built a career with over $300 million in sales and leadership of a 10-agent team across New York and Florida.
  • Beyond real estate, Lundgren is an adjunct professor, podcast host, and former actor, showcasing his diverse talents and entrepreneurial spirit.

Nile Lundgren’s story is nothing short of a miracle.

I packed my bags and moved to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, with two hundred dollars to my name just as the 2008 financial crisis began. In the worst job market in 30 years, and with no real connections in NYC or a real plan on how I could survive, let alone achieve my dream of making it to the big screen.

Nile Lundgren

But, by the age of 32, Lundgren had grown from living in his buddy’s basement to starring in TV shows, speaking in front of millions of people, being a celebrity broker in a billion-dollar real estate tech firm, and being a professor.

Moreover, by age 39, he had become a leading real estate expert with over $300M in sales and over a decade of experience representing buyers, sellers, and developers in the New York City market and abroad.

He joined SERHANT in March 2021 and now leads a team of 10 agents in New York and Florida. Just a year after joining, he sold $100 million.

Not only that, Nile is an adjunct professor at City University of New York’s Baruch College, where he teaches Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and hosts a real estate podcast.

Family Ties

Nile Lundgren was born to his father, Carl Lundgren, a Manager at Great River Golf Club from New Haven, Connecticut.

He is the eldest of three siblings: two sisters and a brother.

His sister, Britta Lundgren, is a dentist and a former Miss North Carolina for America—a beauty with a brain!

Britta is a married woman who married Richard Edwards and is the mother of two children.

Similarly, younger sister Svea Lundgren, an entrepreneur in her own right, graduated from Branford High School in 2022 and is currently pursuing her studies at San Diego State University.

The youngest of the family, brother Eric Lundgren, is a fitness enthusiast.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Nile Lundgren is dating his girlfriend, Lola Sherunkova, an entrepreneur who founded Yuve, a plant-based supplement.
  • He is of Swedish ethnicity but is fluent in Spanish.
  • Lundgren played inside linebacker at Trinity College, earning his B.A. in English and Hispanic Studies.
  • He celebrates his birthday on September 13 and is speculated to be 43-year old.


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