From Inmate to Exotic Dancer: Nicole Cook’s Unconventional Journey

I’m not responsible for [Reena’s] death in any way, shape, or form. I wasn’t there. I didn’t kill her.

The horrific crime that took place against Reena Virk in the 90s shook all the immigrants in Canada to their very core. If only Nicole Cook hadn’t been such a big bully, it all could have been prevented.

But who is to blame? Her upbringing? Her mother’s skills to raise Nicole alone? Or tha fact that she was sent to live in the group home because of her tumultuous relationship with her mother?

You be the judge.

The long-lost case has recently reemerged, with streaming platforms digging it up to put it in front of the public.

Hulu’s series Under The Bridge chronicled the true story of the Reena Virk case.

The limited series tells the tale of Virk, a 14-year-old Canadian girl who was beaten and killed by a group of teenagers that included Nicole.

Ever since the series aired, chronicling the 1977 case, fans have been concerned about Nicole Cook’s whereabouts and how she was in real life.

Let’s explore.

Nicole Cook’s Relationship With Her Single Mother

Nicole Cook was born in 1983, and at the time it all happened, she was just 14 years of age.

As mentioned before, Nicole was raised by her single mother for some time, and because she did not have a sound relationship with her mother, she was sent to live in a group home.

Rumor has it that while there, she was highly influenced by John Gotti, an Italian gangster.

So, to emulate his gangster lifestyle, Nicole began committing minor crimes at a young age.

Breaking into cars and stealing things had started to become routine for her.

On top of that, she was also accused of stealing clothes from local shops.

She did not even spare her own friends, stealing valuables from their houses. In one such instance, she was invited to Reena’s house where she managed to steal a video camera and some jewelry.

Her desire to become a gangster also made her a bully leader in school.

One day, poor Reena spread rumors about Nicole to get some attention. The gangster wanna-be saw this as disrespect and decided to take revenge against her.

She started off by assimilating a group of eight kids, and it all happened.

Nicole Denied Any Wrongdoings

Nicole was sentenced to one year in prison, but during the trial, she was calm and composed, and not even a single ray of guilt was seen on her face.

When MSNBC interviewed her in her 20s, she confidently said,

I’m not responsible for [Reena’s] death in any way, shape, or form. I wasn’t there. I didn’t kill her.

Nicole Cook

We learned from the same interview that she currently resides in Vancouver and worked as a stripper for some time in LA.

She worked for the agency called Stripper Entertainment at Penthouse Nightclub with alias Nicole Jordan.

But since no official documentation is available, take it with a pinch of salt.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Kelly Ellard and Warren were the only ones who were given lifetime imprisonment for the case.
  • Ellard’s family came to support her during her trial.


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