Gary Gulman Came Out Of Depression With The Help Of His Wife

Gary Gulman even contemplated suicide.

Harlem, New York: The actor and comedian Gary Gulman is happily married to his wife, Sade Tametria. She is also a comedian and writer who has worked with HBO, People Magazine, and Tamron Hall Show.

Key Takeaways

  • Gary Gulman is married to his wife, Sade Tametria, a writer and comedian.
  • The couple lives in New York and have maintained a lovable friendship through their decade-long relationship.
  • Tammetria assisted Gary during his struggle with mental illness and also in his career.

Sade calls herself an introvert who nerds out over science, linguistics, and ancient mysteries.

Moreover, her Instagram bio states, “I center voices of aspiring women’s leaders, entrepreneurs, & influencers,” which pretty much explains her content.

In addition, she is a podcast host of Douchiest Bars In NYC (DBNYC) and also a mobile app developer.

The couple has been together since 2014 and lives in New York. Gulman’s partner has always supported his career and life in general.

About six years ago, while having coffee with his wife, he asked her a question: “What do you think people would do if I offered a comedy tip every day next year?”

Sade replied that they would love it. Hence, he embarked on the project and followed through for 366 consecutive days.

Wife Helped Him To Get Out Of Depression

The comedian struggled with mental illness in the past and has always been vocal about his battle.

It was up to the point that he felt intimidated, anxious, and desperately alone that he even contemplated suicide.

All of this happened around 2015, when the couple had just been in 6 months relationship.

Talking about the period, Tametrias said, “There was a point when I honestly wondered if Gary would come out of it.”

She added, “My philosophy became: Make the best of every day because I don’t know how long I’m going to have him.”

Sade decided that Gary should move back home to his mother.

Hence, they left their midtown Manhattan apartment and removed their furniture as the couple went home to spend time with their mothers.

Gradually, Gulman’s depressive fog began to lift off, and he was back to his normal days.

After that, they again moved back together to an apartment in Harlem, New York.

Proud Democrats

The couple are also proud Democrats who were happy after the 2020 election result.

After joining the street celebration party with her husband, she said in an interview, “On Tuesday, I was so sad, I started crying.”

Meanwhile, the comedian added, “We had PTSD from 2016 when Hillary Clinton lost . . . It’s the end of a nightmare.

In case You Didn’t Know

  • Gary Gulman was born to parents Barbara and Philip Gulman and is the youngest of three brothers. His parents divorced when he was young.
  • The comedian and his wife love engaging in charitable activities. Last December, they donated food through “CityMeals On Wheels.”
  • He attended Boston College on a football scholarship and played tight end during his freshman year.


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