Graham Hancock And Santha Faiia: Partner In Life And Work

Graham Hancock, the famous pseudo-archaeologist, is happily married to his wife, Santha Faiia, who works alongside him.

Key Takeaways

  • Graham Hancock credits his wife, Santha Faiia, for his achievements, stating he would have accomplished nothing without her by his side.
  • She has united their family of six children from previous marriages, creating a close-knit bond among the siblings.
  • Faiia is a talented photographer whose work has been featured in many of Graham Hancock’s successful books.

Hancock has never shied away from praising his wife, who, according to him, does everything with style, grace, and, above all, love.

“I would have achieved nothing as a writer and nothing as a human being if I had not had Santha by my side” said the British writer.

He added, “She has been guiding me and teaching me through for more than quarter of a century of adventures and travels during which we have not spent more than a total of four days apart.”

Santha is also a remarkable mother to their six children, who come from three different previous marriages.

She has diligently and compassionately brought them together over the years, fostering a close bond among the siblings, who deeply cherish and support each other.

She has done the perfect job of bringing them all together patiently and caringly through the decades into a family of close-knit, grown-up siblings who deeply love and care for one another.

Their son, Ravi Faiia, married to Lydia Barlow Faiia, works in the medical field.

Another son, Sean Hancock, resides in Los Angeles and works for Netflix. He is married to Simone Tai, who previously worked in television and is now a life coach.

Similarly, the couple has three daughters: Shanti Faiia, Gabrielle Hancock, and Leila Hancock.

Their daughter Shanti Faiia lives in Bath, Somerset, having completed her studies at SOAS University of London.

Meanwhile, daughter Leila Hancock, who was formerly a teacher at Nower Hill High School, is now fully dedicated to being a mother to her child, Nyla, and a loving wife to her husband, Jason.

Capturing History: The Lens Of Santha Faiia

Santha Faiia is a photographer from Penang, Malaysia, specializing in photographing ancient and historical sites and artifacts.

She began her career in 1990, collaborating with her husband. Her debut exhibition, “Ethiopian Trilogy,” was showcased at the Royal Geographical Society in London, inaugurated by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne.

Faiia’s work is prominently featured in Hancock’s “The Sign And The Seal” (1992), which explores Ethiopia’s claim to house the lost Ark of the Covenant.

She also provided all the photographs for Hancock’s widely read book “Fingerprints of the Gods” (1995).

In 1998, Faiia’s large-format book “Heaven’s Mirror,” with text by Graham Hancock, became a bestseller.

She also contributed photographs to “Supernatural: Meetings with The Ancient Teachers of Mankind” (2005), showcasing South Africa’s rock art.

Her Easter Island and Indonesia photographs were exhibited at the Vatican Ethnological Museum in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Moreover, she also captured images for “Magicians of the Gods” (2015) and “America Before” (2019), both highly successful books.


What Does Graham Hancock Believe In?

Hancock proposes that an advanced society from the ice age may have been destroyed in a disaster. However, he suggests that the survivors of this society shared their knowledge with hunter-gatherer groups, which eventually led to the development of early civilizations such as those in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mesoamerica.

Where Is Graham Hancock From?

He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and when he was three years old, his family moved to India, where his father worked as a surgeon.

What Did Graham Hancock Majored In?

Graham completed his studies in Sociology at Durham University in 1973.


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