Greg James Is Not Leaving Radio 1 Despite Rumor

The confusion started when it was announced that there was a huge summer schedule shake-up!

English broadcaster and author Greg James has been presenting on BBC Radio 1 since 2007, and now there is an ongoing rumor that he is leaving the show. How true is this?

Key Takeaways

  • Although there is an ongoing rumor, Greg James will not be leaving the Radio 1 show.
  • Instead, his show has been extended by half an hour to 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday for the summer.
  • Ex-staff leaving the show might be another reason for the speculation.

Is Greg James Leaving Radio 1?

No, Greg James is not leaving the Radio 1 show; instead, the time of his show has been extended.

The confusion started when it was announced that there was a huge summer schedule shake-up.

Now, the Radio 1 Breakfast show hosted by James will be extended by half an hour to 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday for the summer.

After the news, Grey expressed he was happy to accommodate his listers,

“Being on the radio is pretty much my entire personality so why not do an extra half hour a day for all those who can’t be bothered waking up early for the Breakfast Show in the summer holidays.”

Greg James

The host then followed up with a post on Instagram on June 20 with the caption:

SUMMER NEWS! This is the exact spot I wrote that quote. Very pleased it’s been used. Also, I’ve had lots of sleep and stubbies and I’m very very excited to be back on the radio Monday morning.
We’ve also got some truly ridiculous summer plans…

Greg James

Previous Employee Departure Fueled The Rumor

The speculation comes in after a few former employees left the show in the past.

In March, it was revealed that BBC Radio 1 producer Chris Sawyer had quit the Breakfast Show after 15 years on the program.

He wrote on X (formerly Twitter),

“It’s my last week at Radio 1! I’ve been involved with more nonsense than I ever thought it would be possible to fit into a quick 15 years.”

Chris Sawyer

Radio 1 listeners were devasted by the news but still wished him farewell.

James was also in disbelief at his departure and commented,

I still can’t 100% be sure this isn’t just another scheme.

Greg James

Similarly, another employee, Jordan North, ended his afternoon show in February after 10 years on the air.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Greg James has been married to his wife, Bella Mackie, since 2018, and they live in London.
  • He is the godfather of Ruby, the youngest daughter of England cricketer James Anderson.
  • James’ parents were both teachers. His dad, Alan, was a headteacher, and his mom, Rosemary, was a special-needs teacher.


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