Jerry West Not Related To Adam West Despite Speculation

The only possibility of them being related is if they're distant cousins. Are they?

An ongoing speculation claims OG Batman Adam West and NBA powerhouse Jerry West were somehow related. How true is this? Let’s debunk it!

Key Takeaways

  • Former NBA player, coach, and executive Jerry West didn’t share any relationship with actor Adam West.
  • They have different parents and grandparents, which omits any claim of being distant cousins.

William West Anderson, or simply Adam West, was a Hollywood superstar who passed away on June 9, 2017, at 88.

The world has lost another West!

Jerry West, aka Mr. Clutch or The Logo, sadly passed away at 86, leaving behind a long legacy.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver called West “one of the greatest executives in sports history,” which remains undebatable.

Jerry West Is Not Related To Adam West

They had an age gap of 10 years, so the only possibility of them being related is either being brothers or distant cousins.

However, after we investigated their family history, it became evident that the legends were unrelated.

The first information that made us wary of the rumor was their parents and their birthplace.

Jerry was born to his father, Howard Stewart West, a coal mine electrician, and his mother, Cecil Sue West, a housewife in Chelyan, West Virginia.

Meanwhile, Adam was born and raised in Walla Walla, Washington, by his father, Otto Anderson, a farmer descending from Scania in southern Sweden, and his mother, Audrey Volenne, an opera singer and concert pianist.

Similarly, Jerry West had five siblings: Patricia Noel, Charles West, David West, and Hannah Bowman.

On the other hand, Adam West had only one sibling, a brother John West Anderson.

As you can see, there is no sign of any relation. But we didn’t stop there; we even researched their grandparents.

Jerry’s paternal grandparents were Maxwell Lee West and Salina Susan Kile, while his maternal grandparents were Joseph Creasey and Mary Catherine Trail.

On the contrary, Adam’s paternal grandparents were Jöns Peter “John” Anderson and Anna Fredrika, while his maternal grandparents were William Felix Speer and Ina E. Hunter.

As a result, we can 100% be sure that the legends weren’t related.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Adam West was married three times: Billie Lou Yeager in 1950, Ngatokorua Frisbie Dawson in 1957, and Marcelle Tagand Lear in 1970.
  • Jerry West had been married twice: Martha Jane Kane in 1960 and Kristine “Karen” Bua in 1978.
  • Jerry is the man behind the NBA logo, as his silhouette is the basis for the logo.


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