Kathryn Newton’s Success From Sports To Silver Screens With Her Parents By Her Side

The Big Little Lies actress Kathryn Newton was born in Orlando on February 8, 1997, to parents Robin Newton and David Newton.

Even before entering the showbiz, she was already successful in sports. While at Notre Dame High School, she helped the school’s golf team win three league championships alongside her girl’s team.

Key Takeaways

  • Kathryn Newton is the only child of her parents, Robin Newton and David Newton.
  • Her father, David Newton, was a high school golfer.
  • Newton’s favorite on-screen parent is Paul Rudd.

Balances Acting & Golf With Parents Support

Kathryn’s father, David, has greatly shaped her love for golf. His passion for the sport bloomed during his college years, and with all his experiences, he naturally passed his genes to his only child.

Newton’s dad introduced her to golf at a young age, and he never left being her mentor on the fairways.

Moreover, David’s guidance was influential in nurturing Kathryn’s talent and instilling a strong affinity for the sport from the tender age of eight.

Not only did he support her in sports, but he also stood by his daughter’s side, helping her pursue her acting career.

Kathryn’s dad first recognized her acting abilities at a young age when he observed her talent during a family excursion to New York City.

Likewise, the Freaky star’s mother, Robin Newton, has also been integral to her journey in the entertainment industry and beyond.

From a young age, Robin supported her passions and ambitions, staying within every moment, be it attending auditions or offering advice on guiding the industry; her support has been not only emotional but also practical.

Therefore, both Newton’s parents have helped her manage her schedule and balance her commitments between acting and golfing pursuits.

Her Favorite On-Screen Parent Is Paul Rudd

Throughout her career, Kathryn Newton has worked with various on-screen parental figures.

However, she fondly singled out Marvel’s Ant-Man star Paul Rudd as her favorite “on-screen parent” during an interview.

Newton also shared the most valuable advice she received from an experienced figure in the industry.

Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Kathryn recounted how Rudd advised her not to hold back when she began working on the project.

Besides that, Newton also admitted Reese Witherspoon, who portrayed her mother in the HBO series Big Little Lies, as another influential mentor and praised her as a talented actress.


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