Kingston Foster Parents Have Supported Her From The Start

Kingston Foster, better known as Edda from Rebel Moon, comes from a family that loves and respects the entertainment industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Kingston Foster was born to her father, Paul, and her mother, Mindy Foster, in a loving and caring environment.
  • The parents are incredibly supportive of her career and never shy away from promoting her work.
  • Foster grew up with a brother, Greyson, who is also an actor and school athlete.

Fans of Zack Snyder’s “Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire” and “Rebel Moon: The Scargiver” love Foster and her performance in the Netflix movies.

Debuting at 6, the acting prodigy has already made an impact in Hollywood.

A trained dancer proficient in ballet, modern, tap, and jazz, she rose to fame for her lead role as Cindy in the film, “Bitch“.

She has also acted in television series such as “Days of Our Lives,” “American Horror Story,” “Great News,” “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” and many more.

However, her popularity catapulted after starring in the Disney “Zombies” trilogy as the character Zoey.

She will again reprise her role as Joey in “ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series,” which is currently in post-production and will be released in 2024.

Family Ties Of The Actress

Kingston Foster was born on 26, 2010, in Henderson, Nevada, to parents Mindy and Paul Foster.

Mother Mindy Throne Foster, also can be called Kingston’s biggest fan, is from Apple Valley, Minnesota.

She is a supportive mom who has let her children follow their dreams and assisted them in the process.

You can find her on social media, sharing pictures of her family with her followers and capturing her children’s journey on the way to success.

On the other hand, father Paul Foster adores being a dad. He loves spending time with his kids, driving cars, and boxing in leisure.

In addition, he has a passion for sports; hence, he watches ice hockey, basketball, and football.

In the NHL, he supports the team Golden Knights; likewise, in the NBA, he supports the Clippers; and in the NFL, he supports the Vikings.

Moreover, the redhead rocks a goatee, complimenting his iconic bald looks.

One interesting fact about the Kingston family is none of them are actors, except her aunt Melissa Foster and her brother.

In fact, she was inspired to act by her brother Greyson Foster, 16, who identifies himself as a student-athlete, actor, and filmmaker.

Currently a sophomore at West Ranch High School, Greyson excels in the classroom and is a standout player on the lacrosse field.

The young talent also makes time for work; he has acting credits, including for “Heartbeat” (2016), “The Fosters” (2013), and “Another Period” (2013).

The straight-A student (in all of his AP and Honors courses) loves directing and claims that filmmaking is his passion.

The family of 4 loves traveling and adventure; their latest ordeal was during spring break, filled with fun and thrill that took them from beaches, oceans, mountains, and snow with activities like zip lines, painting, and roller skating.


How Old Is Joey From Zombies In Real Life?

The actress was born in 2010 and is 13 years old.

Is Kingston Foster A Singer?

Along with acting, Foster also sings and dances. She performed the songs “Fired Up—Competition,” “Our Year,” and “Pep Rally” in the 2018 movie Zombie.


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