Kinsey Schofield Has Been Part Of Multiple Pregnancy Rumors Since The Start Of Her Career

If we compare her previous pictures with the current one, the journalist may have gained a few pounds!

Fans of Kinsey Schofield have been using social media to dig deep into the truth about her pregnancy. Let’s debunk the rumor!

Key Takeaways

  • Kinsey Schofield and her fiance are not pregnant at this time.
  • Although the commentator may have gained some weight, it goes unnoticeable.
  • Schofield and her future husband might be planning a kid soon, but till then, let’s wait for official confirmation.

Kinsey Schofield is a US-based royal correspondent and showbiz reporter.

Her career started when her then-boyfriend, Chris McClain, took her on a trip to London in 2019.

In an interview, she said,

My boyfriend at the time took me to London, and he noticed I was telling stories before the tour guide. It triggered me to believe this is something I should pursue.

Kinsey Schofield

Since then, the couple has been engaged and living a private life outside of the limelight.

Kinsey Schofield’s Fiance Is Also A Journalist

Christopher McClain is a producer and multimedia journalist from Plainfield, New Jersey.

Since 2019, he has worked for NFL Network, starting as an associate producer and being promoted to segment producer in August 2021.

McClain graduated from California State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a minor in Digital Media.

Before working at the NFL Network, he was also employed as a writer and producer at KTLA, Fox 8 News WVUE-TV, Silver & Black Report, CBS 13 / CW 31 Good Day, and Sacramento Press.

Have They Become Husband & Wife?

Christopher knelt down and asked Kinsey to be his bride on February 21, 2020. But, even after four years, the couple are yet to wed.

This has led to many worries about their relationship; few even speculated that they might have broken up.

The speculation was fueled by their lack of social media posts in recent years.

Their last post was in 2022 through Chris’s Instagram when McClain wished his fiancee “Happy Birthday!” adding a message, “Thank you for always being there for me and showing me how to hit life’s curveballs.”

Nonetheless, we can assure you the two lovebirds are still together.

They follow each other on social media, and Kinsley can be seen with her engagement ring.

Is Kinsey Schofield Pregnant?

Kinsey Schofield has been part of multiple pregnancy rumors since the start of her career.

Yes, like every other rumor, this one is also baseless and holds no factual truth.

If we compare her previous pictures with the current one, the journalist may have gained a few pounds, but it is unnoticeable.

In February 2023, Kinsey herself denied such allegations by saying,

“I always look pregnant. It’s called BURRITOS.”

Kinsey Schofield

She has tweeted multiple times related to this topic. For instance, in 2021, she said,

“Hi, I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat. Thanks for the inquiries.”

Kinsey Schofield

Likewise, on Dec 3, 2022, she joked,

“I might be pregnant after that. What a thrill.”

Kinsey Schofield

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Kinsey Schofield hosts a podcast called “To Di for Daily” and is co-host of TalkTV’s “HEIRS & SPARES.”
  • She is a published author whose novel “R is for Revenge Dress” was published in 2022.
  • Schofield is a dog mom of four pups.


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