Madison Beer’s New Music Video Sparks Relation Rumor With Megan Fox

Madison has straight-up denied doing anything to her face except for a lip filler that she later dissolved.

Los Angeles, California: Madison Beer is back with a new hit, “Make You Mine,” and has released a music video inspired by Megan Fox’s movie “Jennifer’s Body.”

Key Takeaways

  • She released her debut single, “Melodies”, in 2013.
  • Madison Beer released “Make You Mine” in 2024.
  • When Madison was 15, nu*e videos of her were leaked online.

The video is directed by Beer herself and Aerin Moreno, where the singer acts as a cheerleader who teams up with her best friend to lure and kill a male classmate.

And let me tell you, she looks identical to Fox’s character. This led to many questions about whether the two are related.

The simple answer is no. The superstars don’t have any relation, and she is simply paying homage to the legendary actress.

However, this isn’t Madison’s first time paying tribute to Megan, as she has also dressed up as Jennifer for Halloween.

Rumor Started From Social Media

Adding fuel to the rumor was a person stating that the singer and actress were related on social media.

One X (formerly Twitter) user, @FADINGREY, posted on June 15, 2022, claiming that Madison Beer is Megan Fox’s niece.

The tweet got 11K likes and 1K retweets, and many fans commented that they see a similarity between them.

Under the post, the user also shared a screenshot of Madison’s Wikipedia page, where Megan was written as her aunt (obviously, it was photoshopped).

This led to more netizens believing the lie; some even said this made sense. However, it didn’t last long, as people eventually discovered they were pranked.

One user wrote, “NGL, I fell for this for a minute. It felt very plausible. 😂”

Another one followed, “Not my dumb a*s believing this,” and one user even joked, “Cause they went to the same surgeon 🫠🫠”

This is a good lesson for people using social media; you shouldn’t believe anything posted unless there is proof from an official source.

They Look Similar Due To Alleged Plastic Surgery

Netizens have claimed that Madison Beer and Megan Fox share the same look due to plastic surgery.

The allegation comes from a long-running debate generated by the ‘before and after looks‘ of their photographs went viral.

Megan is transparent about going under the blade. The actress has admitted to using Botox and dermal filler and having a rhinoplasty in her early 20s.

On the other hand, Madison has straight-up denied doing anything to her face except for a lip filler that she later dissolved.

Talking over the TikTok video, she addressed the rumor in 2020: “Guys, I got my lips done when I was younger, and I f–king regretted it, and I hated it, and I got them dissolved.”

Whatever the case may be, both stars look beautiful, and fans should love them for who they are.


How Many Siblings Does Megan Fox Have?

The actress has only one sister, Kristi Branim Fox, a top-notch educational counselor expert.

Is Madison Beer Signed To Justin Bieber?

Yes, Beer was signed by the Canadian singing phenomenon to Island Records.

Does Madison Beer Have Any Brother Or Sister?

Yes, the singer does have a younger brother, Ryder Beer, who is also a musician. He released his first single, “Can’t Take It Out,” in November 2023.


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