Meet Camrus Johnson: Mr. 5 Of “One Piece” Live-Action

The talented actor is great at everything he does!

Camrus Johnson has joined season 2 of “One Piece” live-action as one of Baroque Works’ agents, Mr. 5, and fans of the underrated artist cannot wait to witness him in action.

Key Takeaways

  • Camrus Johnson has secured a role in the mega-anime franchise, “One Piece,” live-action as one of Baroque Works’ agents, Mr. 5.
  • He is a jack of all trades: actor, director, producer, musician, writer, he can do it all!
  • Johnson is best known for playing Luke Fox in “Batwoman.”

After the news was revealed, Camrus posted on his Instagram with the caption,

From superhero to supervillain 🏴‍☠️💥 Mannnn I am SO HYPED to join the One Piece family. Bringing Mr. 5 to life is an honor, and I can’t thank Kings Oda, Matt Owens and Joe Tracz enough for trusting me to. Baroque Works is comin’ 😈😤 This is gonna be fun

Camrus Johnson

Camrus Johnson: The Man Of Many Talents

The 29-year-old actor, director, producer, and musician Camrus Johnson could also be described as a ‘do-it-all, man.’

The talented human is great at everything he does, but his forte is acting.

Johnson is best known as Luke Fox from “Batwoman,” playing the character from 2019 to 2022.

When asked what his reaction was after securing the role, he said,

For a dude that grew up playing the Batman games and watching the DC animated shows, I was so excited not only to book this show but to book such a crazy cool character in it. Luke Fox embodies so many things I want in a character: the brains, the wit, the style, the comradery, the fun? I just love playing him so darn much. And what I know of his storyline is crazy!!! I feel just as lucky now as I did on Day 1.

Camrus Johnson

Before that, Camrus has also been featured in the series The OA (2016), Billions (2017), “There’s…Johnny!” (2017), Luke Cage (2016-2018), Chicago P.D. (2018), and Cake (2019).

Likewise, his movie credits include Smoke Screen (2017), #Fashionvictim (2018), After Class (2019), The Sun Is Also a Star (2019), The Cat and the Moon (2019), and Quiz Lady (2023).

Not only that, but some of his best-produced and directed works are “Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad” (2019) and “Blue Bison” (2021).

The prior one was a love letter to his pops to help him get through the loss of his best friend.

When he submitted the film to festivals, it won many awards and was an Academy Award-qualified animated short film.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Camrus Johnson has played characters for Marvel Television and DC Entertainment: Luke Fox in Batwoman & voiced Flynn Russell in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.
  • He is also a comic artist who has co-written “TOWER,” “Represent,” and others.
  • Johnson is a Navy brat, as his dad, Russell Johnson, was in the Marines.
  • He grew up with three brothers: Jalen Johnson, Russell Duane Johnson, and Kaden Johnson.


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