Meet Jim And Christine, The Powerhouse Parents Of Tom Rosenthal

The English actor and comedian Tom Rosenthal was once dubbed a “super-smart child of privilege” due to his famous parents.

Both of his parents are from the field of entertainment.

Key Takeaways

  • Tom Rosenthal comes from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry.
  • The comic appreciates his parents’ support, shaping him positively.

Tom Rosenthal’s mother, Christine “Chrissy” Smith, is a former Newsnight producer, and his father, Jim Rosenthal, is a world-renowned sports presenter.

Tom grew up as a single child in Cookham, Berkshire. Jim is a late dad who entered fatherhood at nearly 40.

According to him, the couple never had any big discussions about having a family since both were very busy with their careers.

But one night they went to a Paul Simon concert, came home and nine months later, they had a wonderful surprise.

After the birth of their son, Chrissy became a full-time mom, taking care of him all the time while Jim worked hard for the family.

However, when Tom grew up, she found employment at the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham to run events.

Being the son of a famous dad came with a price; he was bullied. Nonetheless, it didn’t affect Tom as he was proud of his father’s accomplishment.

Although he was privileged because his family was relatively well off, Tom thinks his parents’ parenting approach really gave him the tools to deal with life.

The “Friday Night Dinner” star is close to his parents and says they’ve always been incredibly protective of him.

He said, “My parents are so proud of everything I do. Even if what I do is trash, they think it is amazing! I’m very fortunate to have that lovely kind of parenting.”

The Legacy Of Jim Rosenthal

Father Jim Rosenthal is a widely respected sports presenter and commentator known for his extensive career in broadcasting.

Over the years, he has covered a variety of sports, including football, rugby, motor racing, boxing, and athletics.

Rosenthal has provided commentary for significant events such as eight FIFA World Cups, three Rugby World Cups, two Olympic Games, and 150 Formula One races.

Moreover, the Royal Television Society has honored him twice with the Sports Presenter of the Year award.

Notably, Rosenthal was the main anchor for ITV’s acclaimed 2003 Rugby World Cup coverage, which involved traveling to Australia for the final match.


Does Tom Rosenthal Have A Girlfriend?

Yes, Tom is dating model Gabrielle Sky. Previously, he was in a relationship with TV and radio presenter Vick Hope from 2013 to 2017.

Is Tom Rosenthal Jewish?

His father’s side of the family has German-Jewish heritage, with one of his paternal great-grandfathers being Oscar Levy, a physician and writer of German-Jewish descent.

Which Is Tom Rosenthal’s Favorite Soccer Team?

He loves Arsenal FC, while his father’s loyalty lies with Oxford United FC, creating a noticeable difference in their soccer team preferences.


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