Meg Millidge’s Parents Have Been Her Fans Since Day One

Divorced parents took turn taking care of Meg Millidge!

Los Angeles, California: Meg Millidge, the rising actress, recently appeared in the romantic comedy “The Idea of You,” portraying Claire, and has garnered praise for her work.

She can be pictured in scenes with Anne Hathaway (the protagonist), and fans love her short but sweet role.

Before that, the Loyola Marymount University graduate starred in “Fear and Desire” (2019), “Bones” (2015), “Twisted” (2013), and many others.

With her gaining momentum, let’s meet her family, who has supported her acting career since childhood.

Key Takeaways

  • Meg Millidge’s popularity has skyrocketed after she starred in the rom-com “The Idea of You.”
  • She was born to her parents, Jerry and Karen OConnell, and raised alongside her sister, Kayti.
  • Her parents are divorced, and her mother is now married to a singer-songwriter, Robert Pinault.

Family Ties Of The Actress

Born and raised in Placentia, California, Meg Millidge grew up in a loving environment under the care of her father, Jerry O’Connell, and mother, Karen OConnell.

They are her biggest fans, always cheering on her accomplishments, whether on social media or in person.

Growing up, she also found a partner in her sister Kayti O’Connell Carr, and the two are still close today.

Sister Carr is the founder of “MATE the Label,” a clothing brand made from organic essential materials.

Moreover, Kayti is a married woman who exchanged vows with photographer BR Carr in October 2014. The couple is parents to a two-year-old son, Ever Rodner Carr.

Divorce Never Came In-Between Their Responsibility

Meg’s parents divorced when she was young. Her father didn’t re-marry, but her mother found love again.

Dad Jerry O’Connell was the president and owner of “Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs.”

He started the restaurant in August 2003, running for around 13 years. However, it couldn’t withstand the test of time, and Jerry had to call it quits.

Addressing his experience, he said,

I have met some amazing people and had some great fun. I have given Jerry’s everything I’ve got. It is time to move on.”

Jerry O’Connell

On the other hand, her mom, Karen OConnell, is an artist who loves oil painting, gouache, and alcohol inks.

You can find her art on her Instagram, @koconnellart, her website,, and her Facebook page, karenoconnellart.

Before she started her carrer in painting in August 2019, she worked as a former owner-operator at AWAY Vacation Rentals.

She was formerly a counselor leading groups, workshops, and retreats, as her education was in marriage and family counseling, Jungian psychology, and dream tending.

From 2002 to 2019, she worked at Verve XO as a founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer).

Karen lives in San Clemente, California, with her second husband, Robert Pinault.

Pinault is a singer-songwriter and is the president of a construction company at RD Pinault Company.

They wedded on May 16, 2010, after dating for quite a long time. Since he is a singer, Robert sang his wedding vows to his wife.

All of them have played a significant part in Meg Millidge’s life and helped her chase her goal.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • The 5’8″ actress completed her Bachelor’s in Sociology with a minor in Studio Arts.
  • Meg is also a good performer; she can sing in 2nd Soprano/Alto and dance in Ballet, Modern, and Hip-Hop.


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