Missy Peregrym’s Future Uncertain In FBI As Season 6 Unfolds

New York, NY: FBI, the CBS crime drama, is about to conclude its sixth season, with only three episodes left to air, and the cast is expected to undergo a big shake-up in the coming episodes.

It seems like the show is taking a veteran team member out of the field, maybe the fan-favorite since season one, Maggie Bell.

Key Takeaways

  • In the latest episode of the “FBI,” Maggie Bell was shot in the line of duty but survived as a Kevlar vest blocked the bullet.
  • The incident has shaken her, and she worries about her daughter’s future.
  • Although it has not been decided whether Maggie will hang up her badge, she may take a short break in the coming days.

Missy Peregrym, the Canadian actress, has worked as FBI Special Agent Maggie Bell since 2018.

In season 6, episode 10, titled “Family Affair,” Maggie took a bullet that nearly threatened her life and put her in a dilemma regarding her future.

The episode revolves around a kidnapping case of a pregnant woman, Denise, by her father, who turns out to be a cult leader, and the FBI team’s mission is to rescue her.

During the task, Maggie got shot by a guard, but she was able to pull out her gun and neutralize him. Thankfully, the bullet was stopped by her Kevlar vest, but it was a close call for sure.

Maggie uttered, “Too close, an inch down or to the left, and I would’ve… It would have been over. I worry about Ella.

This reminded Maggie of her late friend Jess and her young daughter.

Finally, the episode ends with OA discussing with Isobel if Maggie should take some time away from the dangerous job.

Is Missy Peregrym Leaving The FBI In Season 6?

For now, the answer is simply no.

The rumor started in episode 6, “Unforeseen,” where Maggie is seen dealing with the death of a close friend, special agent Jessica Blake.

Before she passed away in surgery, she chose Bell as the guardian of her daughter, Ella.

This led to speculation that the show may be creating a path for Maggie’s potential exit into a new journey to parenthood.

In fact, the actress said in an interview on April 2024 that the character will stay in the show by balancing being a new mother and a special agent.

She added that she wants to depict that single mothers can do it both: “I just think of single mothers who are out there doing this, by the way, all the time.”

However, Maggie also wants to be there for Ella, and if something happens to her, Ella will go through the same trauma again.

Due to this, she may have to think of a solution in which Ella’s future is secured.

Will Maggie Bell take the leave she always deserved and look after her daughter, or will she stick to the squad to protect New York?

Only time will tell, but one thing can be expected: the agent may be out of duty for some time.


Is Missy Peregrym Married?

Yes, Peregrym is married to Australian actor Tom Oakley, whom she wedded in Los Angeles on December 30, 2018. The couple share two children: a son, Otis Paradis Oakley, and a daughter, Mela Joséphine Oakley. Before that, she was married to the American actor Zachary Levi (June 2014 – April 2015).

Will OA And Maggie Get Together?

The actress has talked about it in the past. She said that although fans love to ship them, they have different journeys and stories, so they would be unlikely to fall in love.

Did Missy Peregrym Play Soccer?

Yes, she played soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey in high school. Missy still enjoys playing soccer whenever she gets time.


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