Natalie Nunn’s No-Makeup Look Sparks Debates and Inspires Her Cosmetics Empire

Natalie Nunn's natural, no-makeup appearance has been controversial!

The Baddies are back! “Baddies Caribbean” season 5 has premiered, and fans are enjoying the show!

Key Takeaways

  • Natalie Nunn’s natural, no-makeup appearance has been controversial, with some criticizing her looks and others defending her beauty.
  • Embracing her love for makeup, Nunn has built a successful eyelash company, “Natalie Lashes,” and plans to launch a skincare line, turning her passion into a thriving cosmetics empire.
  • Despite the mixed reactions to her makeup-free looks, Nunn remains confident.

Natalie Nunn, the series’ highlight, has always been in the spotlight, either for her words or her actions.

For now, let’s talk about her cosmetic preference.

Natalie Nunn’s no-makeup look has been debated for a long time.

Netizens have called her out in the past for using excessive facial products to look beautiful.

An X (former Twitter) user said,

“Natalie Nunn look a lil scary without makeup on 😮‍💨”

Similarly, another one wrote,

“Y’all Seen What Former BAD GIRLS CLUB Star Natalie Nunn . . . Looks Like WITHOUT Any Makeup . . . It’s FRIGHTENING!!!”

The third one said,

“Natalie Nunn is my girl but she really isn’t very pretty without makeup”

On the other hand, many of her fans have defended her by saying,

“Why do people lie and say Natalie Nunn is ugly…. she’s pretty ESP without makeup.”

Another fan came to her rescue and mentioned,

“Natalie Nunn looks better without makeup”

Likewise, she is also being teased with the nickname, Natalie “The Crimson Chin” Nunn.

There is even a thread on Reddit titled, “What were your initial thoughts on Natalie Nunn in Fairly Odd Parents?”

If you don’t get the reference, let me help you!

In Fairy Odd Parents, there is a character called “The Crimson Chin,” whose facial features include a large chin.

So, people are comparing Natalie’s chin with the cartoon character.

A Different Perspective

Natalie Nunn’s love for makeup goes beyond just personal use; it’s the driving force behind her business ventures.

As the owner of “Natalie Lashes,” a successful eyelash company, she understands the power of lashes to enhance one’s confidence and beauty.

Nunn’s passion for lashes began in 2009 when she entered the television industry, where she witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of makeup and beauty products.

“I love the fun and flirty flair that lashes add to the face,” she explained.

Even on a day when I’m going out of the house without makeup, a nice pair of lashes gives me that extra boost of confidence that every woman deserves.

Since launching her lash company in 2019, Nunn has expanded her business by introducing lash sets, lip glosses, and over 10 styles.

But her ambitions don’t stop there – she plans to launch a skincare line this year.

A while back, in an interview, she said,

How many people have had the opportunity to be on reality TV and didn’t use it to build a huge platform and series of beauty, fashion, and wellness brands?

She added, “It’s something I’m proud of. It was a risk I had to take, but it paid off.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Natalie Nunn is a married woman who tied the knot to former football player Jacob Payne.
  • Together, the couple have a daughter, Journey Payne.
  • Nunn competed in the 2002 Junior Olympics.


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