National Youth Theatre Alum Francesca Amewudah-Rivers Lands Historic Juliet Role

Francesca Amewudah-Rivers is a versatile artist based in Brixton, excelling as an actor, musician, and composer.

Key Takeaways

  • Francesca Amewudah-Rivers will play Tom Holland’s Juliet in the West End production “Romeo & Juliet.”
  • In Rivers’ support, the theater company strongly condemned racism, pledging zero tolerance and prompt reporting of any abuse.

With a career spanning back to 2012, she made her mark in the entertainment industry through her roles in the TV series Bad Education, as noted on her IMDb profile.

Beyond acting, Francesca’s creative talents extend to composition and writing, notably contributing to short films such as Medea, Minutes, and Messenger.

Her academic journey took her to Oxford University, where she pursued studies in music, as confirmed by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities.

Alongside her academic pursuits, Francesca dedicated herself to honing her craft with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain.

Her commitment to theater earned her the 2021 Evening Standard Future Theatre Award for Audio Design.

Furthermore, Francesca also acquired artistic training from the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. She collaborated with various theater groups, such as Shakespeare’s Globe and Roundhouse.

Find Cultural Connection On The Stage

In the lively production of “School Girls; Or The African Mean Girls Play,” Francesca Amewudah-Rivers embraced the role of Gifty with earnest charm and depth.

As Gifty, Francesca respired life into the character, adding layers of authenticity and relatability to the stage.

Her decision to take on the role stemmed from a deeply personal connection to the story. With Ghanaian heritage coursing through her veins, Francesca felt a magnetic pull to the narrative.

In an interview, Amewudah-Rivers shared that her familial ties to Ghana made the opportunity to portray Gifty all the more meaningful.

Furthermore, she revealed that it was more than just a role to her. In fact, it was a chance to bridge the gap between her diasporic identity and her cultural roots.

Faces Racism For Her Upcoming Role As Juliet

The West End production announced Amewudah-Rivers and Tom Holland as their lead casts in “Romeo and Juliet.”

The production, scheduled for a 12-week run starting on May 11 and concluding on August 3 at The Duke of York’s Theatre, quickly sold out after tickets went on sale.

Following the announcement of her playing Juliet alongside the Spiderman famed star, Amewudah has been subjected to severe racial abuse.

The theatre company issued a statement condemning this inappropriate backlash and emphasized its commitment to supporting and protecting all cast and crew.

Moreover, they highlighted the importance of creating a safe environment free from harassment and stated that any form of abuse would not be tolerated.

Therefore, they firmly stated they would not accept mistreatment and would report it immediately.


Where Did Francesca Amewudah-Rivers Study?

Amewudah-Rivers studied music at Oxford University and trained with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain.

What Award Has Francesca Amewudah-Rivers Won?

Francesca won the Evening Standard Future Theatre Award for Audio Design in 2021.


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