Nina Dobrev’s Injury Proves She Ain’t “Vampire” No More

You need some vampire blood🧛‍♂️!

The 35-year-old “The Vampire Diaries” actress Nina Dobrev was recently injured in a bike accident and is recovering after being put in a leg cast and neck brace.

Key Takeaways

  • Nina Dobrev has injured her leg in a recent bike accident.
  • She has been released from hospital but has a long recovery ahead.

Nina Dobrev shared two photos on her Instagram account with the news of her injury, captioned “how it started vs. how it’s going 🤕.”

In the first picture, Nina is photographed posing on an E-bike, and in the second picture, she is seen lying on a hospital bed in a gown, hooked up to an IV, with her left leg in a cast and a neck brace extending from her collarbone to her chin.

Then, in her stories, she assured her fans, saying,

I’m okay, but it’s going to be a long road of recovery ahead,” adding a broken heart emoji and an injured emoji.

Nina Dobrev Via Instagram Story

She added,

I think it’s safe to say my first time on a dirt bike will also be my last lol

Nina Dobrev Via Instagram Story

After she posted the before and after photos of her injury, fans quickly made humorous remarks based on the supernatural drama series.

One of her fans wrote,

Nina you ain’t vampire you are human lol

Aldo Mendes Via Instagram

Another one said,

Girl, remember that vampire blood has no effect on you anymore

Daniel Bohrer Via Instagram

Similarly, the third comment was,

girlie u took the cure, don’t forget that

letícia Via Instagram

These funny interactions may have eased her pain and motivated Dobrev to recover quickly.

Road To Recovery

It seems she has been released from the hospital. Her boyfriend, three-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, posted an update on his social media.

He added an Instagram story of Nina with her knee in a brace and leg elevated on a private plane, along with their dog and three heart emoji.

It looks like the couple has to hold off on their bucket list plans, which was revealed before she had the accident.

It’s been really fun having time together. Normally I’m off competing and she’s shooting a project or something… but now we’ve got some time together. We went to Antarctica, Dubai, visited her mom in France, went to Monaco, went to Indonesia. We’ve kind of been all over.

Shaun White Via US Weekly

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Nina Dobrev is a dual citizen of Bulgaria and Canada and speaks fluent Bulgarian.
  • She is a co-owner of a wine brand, Fresh Vine Wine.
  • She has been in a relationship with Olympian Shaun White since 2020.


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