Nurturing A Prodigy: Andres Valencia & His Supportive Parents

"I’m thankful for my parents!"

Andres Valencia is a 12-year-old young prodigy whose artistic talents have flourished thanks to the support of his family.

Imagine having parents who recognize your passion and actively create an environment that nurtures your creativity.

That’s exactly what Lupe and Elsa Valencia, Andres’ parents, have done for him.

Key Takeaways

  • Andres Valencia’s artistic talents have been nurtured by his supportive parents since childhood.
  • Despite their non-artistic backgrounds, his parents recognized his talent and provided resources and guidance.
  • The family prioritizes flourishing Andres’ creativity while ensuring a well-rounded childhood.

Parents Understood His Talent Since Beginning

Andres Valencia was born in 2011 to his father, Lupe, and his mother, Elsa Valencia.

Lupe is a lawyer and athlete manager for the Cuban professional boxer Frank Sánchez, while Elsa is a clinical therapist and jewelry designer.

Both of them have Mexican roots and are based in San Diego.

Andres started painting when he was probably about four when he sketched other artists’ paintings.

Talking about that time, his mom said,

“And he would draw Prince and the musical instruments. He loves Prince, the artist. So at five, his party theme was Prince, the artist, and at seven, it was Chuck Berry! So I had to get a Chuck Berry picture and put it on the cake!”

Despite not being artists themselves, his folks understood his drive and talent.

Andres’ dad, who represented the renowned artist Retna, provided invaluable guidance and support in his son’s artistic journey from the very beginning.

Hence, Andres had access to much painting and learning with a father immersed in art.

The young artist is thankful for his parent’s contribution to his career and says,

“Yeah, I’m thankful for my parents; they clean my brushes and open the cans of paint that are really hard to open.”

Even though many suspect they are rich, the Valencia family comes from humble beginnings—Elsa even worked as a social worker for many years.

Nontheless, they’ve made it their mission to provide Andres with the resources he needs to thrive.

But Elsa also wants him to have a childhood like other kids: “go to school, study music, play the piano… go with his friends to the park.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Andres Valencia works with both oil and acrylic paint.
  • He loves reading and watching movies and cartoons.
  • Valencia has generated more than $1.3 million selling his work at Art Miami in Florida in December, 2024.
  1. WOW! Saw him on Kimmel; this is a good example for encouraging and exposing kids to art. For all others, take ’em to the library to LEARN!

  2. DOUBLE WOW! Also saw him on Kimble.
    What an amazing talent and so fortunate
    to have parents that recognized this at such a young age to nurture. Kudos!


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