Paul Kaye Briefly Separated From His Wife Orly Kaye Before Getting Back Together

Paul Kaye met his wife in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Paul Kaye has been happily married to his wife, Orly Kaye, for around 35 years, and they are parents to two kids.

Key Takeaways

  • Paul Kaye lives in London with his wife, Orly Kaye, and two sons.
  • Orly is a kindergarten teacher and a painter whose works can be found on her Instagram page.
  • The couple separated after they had their first kid, but later on, they got back together.

His wife, Orly Katz-Kaye, is a kindergarten teacher in North London and an artist. On her art website, she mentions that her paintings use recycled objects.

“I think my paintings look a bit childish but they are telling little stories of what I feel inside,” said the artist.

She added, “These paintings are my way of expressing where I’m from and documenting my journey. In many ways, this work is about my longing.”

You can find her art on her Instagram, “@orlykatzart,” and her official website, “”

Paul Kaye And Orly Kaye’s Love Tale

In an interview published in 2008, Paul explained how he fell in love with his wife.

The actor and his wife’s love story began when they were 18 and living in a Jewish kibbutz in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he went while on a year out from University.

He first started getting feelings for his future wife when he encountered her being thrown out of the dining room by her father because she was drunk.

They quickly got close since they both shared a passion for arts and painting. Orly had run away from the army, which gave them more time to bond.

Eventually, they married in 1989 and returned to England. Then, they gave birth to their first child, Jordy, 31, and were happy to be together.

But, after nine years, they split, although they never stopped loving each other. In 2001, they got back together and, within a few years, gave birth to another son, Geffen, 18.

The “Game of Thornes” actor has become a passionate voice for peace between Israel and Palestine as his family ties with Isarel.

In fact, his mother-in-law was killed by a Hamas rocket strike.

Around 2009, while talking about the situation, he wrote, “My (then) five-year-old son, Geffen, was constantly asking me if he was going to die like his Grandma.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • The actor was adopted by Jackie and Ivan Kaye and raised in Wembley with his sister.
  • He was a high school athlete who achieved an impressive time in the 100-meter race.
  • His character as Dennis Pennis, a shock interviewer who asks atypical questions on The Sunday Show, pushed him into stardom.


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