Post Malone’s Slimmer Figure Sparks Fan Concerns, But “I’m Healthier Than Ever,” Says The Rapper

Post Malone’s latest country tune, “I Had Some Help,” with Morgan Wallen, has become an instant smash, hinting he might release a country album soon. Amid the excitement of the new drop, many of his followers are also concerned with his recent body transformation.

Key Takeaways

  • Post Malone’s weight loss worries fans, but he assures them it’s not health-related and he’s feeling great.
  • He shed 55 lbs by adopting a healthier lifestyle, particularly cutting down on soda.
  • Motivated by his daughter’s birth, he’s committed to staying fit and even landed a cameo in the 2024 film “Road House.”

In September 2023, the rapper revealed that he lost 55 lbs after going from 240 lbs to 185 lbs.

However, you may be relieved to hear that it isn’t related to health issues. The “Sunflower” rapper clarified that he is healthier than ever.

His weight loss was not a result of any drastic measures but rather a conscious decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle, primarily by reducing his soda intake.

Malone had faced health challenges in the past; in September 2022, he called off his Boston show due to breathing difficulties, leading to his hospitalization. In addition, he had long struggled with alcoholism.

Since many fans were concerned about his weight loss, he came out clean to his fans on Instagram.

I wanted to say that I’m not doing drugs, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my weight loss and I’d suppose, performance on stage.”

He followed up, “I’m having a lot of fun performing, and have never felt healthier.”

The “Congratulations” rapper also mentioned that his opinion on life has changed ever since he had a daughter (May 2022) with his fiancee Jamie.

In fact, Malone adopted a healthy lifestyle to be around for a long time for his little angel.

With his recent body transformation, Posty has gone shirtless a number of times while performing, enjoying his new body and showing the world his new feat.

Since being fit, he also had a role in an action film. He had a brief cameo in the 2024 “Road House.”

In the film, he plays Carter Ford, an underground fighter encountered by Jessica Williams’ character Frankie at the beginning of the movie when she’s searching for a new bouncer.


Where Is Post Malone From?

He was born in Syracuse, New York, and raised by his father, Richard Post, and his stepmother, Jodie. Richard, who had a background as a DJ, exposed Malone to various music genres such as hip-hop, country, and rock during his childhood. At nine, the family relocated to Grapevine, Texas, after Richard secured a position as the concessions manager for the Dallas Cowboys football team.

What Is Post Malone’s Music Style?

Malone’s music spans various genres, including hip-hop, pop-rap, pop, trap, rap rock, and cloud rap. Critics have described his music as a blend of country, grunge, and hip-hop, praising Malone’s versatility as an artist. His vocal style is often noted for its relaxed and understated delivery.

Is Post Malone Married?

In May 2022, Malone shared the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy. Then, during an interview on The Howard Stern Show in June, he revealed that he and his girlfriend became engaged and welcomed their daughter into the world.


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