Rebecca Maddern Pregnancy Rumor Is Far From True

The television presenter is parent to one daughter, who was born after years of struggle.!

The former Australian Ninja Warrior host Rebecca Maddern is trending for reportedly being pregnant with a second child. Let’s debunk the rumor.

Key Takeaways

  • Rebecca Maddern is rumored to be expecting but after our investigation, we discovered it was false.
  • Maddern is a parent to one daughter, Ruby, who was born after years of struggle.
  • She is happy taking care of her only child.

The television presenter is not pregnant at the moment, despite public speculation.

Rebecca has recently flaunted her beautiful body on Instagram, omitting any claim that she may be pregnant.

Nonetheless, she is a proud mother of one child.

A Miracle Baby

Maddern and her husband, Trent Miller, are parents to one daughter, Ruby, who she calls “a miracle baby.”

Why? Because she became pregnant naturally and delivered a healthy baby girl just before her 40th birthday, which wasn’t possible even after years of IVF.

In fact, when she was 39, the couple were about to give up as they couldn’t keep going and were told it wasn’t going to work.

Their only hope was an egg donation, which was devasting for them.

“IVF was enough, but having an egg donor is a really big next step. I was just like, I don’t know if it’s going to happen for us,” said the host.

But, after a romantic trip to Qualia, a luxury resort in the Whitsundays, Rebecca became pregnant.

Finally, Ruby Mae Miller was born on April 12, 2018, and is currently 6-year-old.

Talking about her pregnancy in her 40s, she said,

Even though being more mature, it was harder to conceive; I think it benefited me because you don’t second-guess yourself as much in your 40s. I think that translates into having a calm, relaxed baby.

Rebecca Maddern

Pregnancy Again Is Not Worth The Hassle

During a 2019 interview, Rebecca was asked if she would have baby number 2, to which she replied,

“There’s part of me that doesn’t even want to go there because I know how hard it was to get here, and I just couldn’t deal with the disappointment again.

Rebecca Maddern

She added,

“Also, I’m 42 in August. I’m very aware of what can go wrong.”

Rebecca Maddern

However, if she had a timeover, she would have had children earlier, like many women in their early 30s.

Regardless, Maddern is happy with her only daughter and blissed experiencing all the ‘firsts.’

In a candid column, she wrote,

“We’ve just navigated her first day of school, the first visit from the tooth fairy, her first sentence read out loud.”

Rebecca Maddern

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Rebecca Maddern is an avid Geelong Football Club fan and was named the number one ticket holder in 2011.
  • She married her cameraman husband, Trent Miller, in March 2014.
  • It was her second marriage, as Maddern was formerly wedded to Geelong’s real estate identity, James Wilson.


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