Ree Drummond Hasn’t Announced Cancer Diagnosis Despite Online Rumor

She lost weight by watching what she ate and exercising, not as a reciprocation of illness!

Ree Drummond, the television personality and cooking show host, has been a hot topic lately, with fans flocking to the internet as her cancer hoax spreads like wildfire.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite rumors, Ree Drummond hasn’t been diagnosed with cancer and is healthy.
  • She lost weight by watching what she ate and exercising, not as a reciprocation of illness.

Rumors Of Her Cancer Diagnosis & Health Update

The cooking show host is alive and doing well. She hasn’t been diagnosed with cancer and is not sick as of this writing.

The rumor started after a YouTube video posted on June 4, 2024, with the title, “Ladd Drummond Is Saying Goodbye After His Wife’s Tragic Diagnosis,” went viral.

The video has garnered around 250K views, and many of her fans have been worried, sick to their stomachs, and shocked due to the misleading content.

Nonetheless, we at ‘amy-movie‘ can confirm that this is false. The mother of five is fine and active on her social media.

Weight Loss May Have Fueled The Rumor

The rumor may have been fueled by her dramatic weight loss, which occurred in January 2021. The pioneer woman lost around 50 pounds.

Few even commented that her slim-down may be due to Ozempic or other drugs, but she has clarified, saying, “I did not take ‘weight loss gummies’ or other supplements.”

Drummond explained the process and how it started in a blog post published on February 6, 2022.

Roughly one year ago, I decided I wanted to lose weight. At my highest weight ever and with the wedding of my daughter looming in May, I just knew I had to start. One year later, I’ve lost 55 pounds.

Ree Drummond

To many people’s surprise, she didn’t use a trainer, did Keto or Paleo, or follow an official diet, nor did she eat specialty foods or do intermittent fasting.

Surprisingly, her secret to weight loss was eating fewer calories in smaller portions by weighting food.

Ree also walked a lot, exercised on rowing machines, and built muscle by lifting weights and doing lunges and squats.

Most importantly, she ate more protein, less sugar, and drank no alcohol.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Ree Drummond married Ladd Drummond, a wealthy Drummond ranching family member, on September 21, 1996.
  • In 2010, she made her television debut on an episode of “Throwdown! with Bobby Flay.”
  • Her show, “The Pioneer Woman,” on The Food Network began in 2011.
  1. I am so glad you are in good health . I hope your girl has a great married life . keep having good luck on your diet. you do look good.

  2. I am so so happy to hear the great news !!! I watch you and your family everyday I love your life!! I love your family !!! I love your food!! I love your books I love all your beautiful dishes and decorations!! When I heard the devastating news that you were battling colon cancer I jus got sick and cried my eyes out!!! Especially with a whole new life coming ! Congratulations welcome to grandma life!! I can’t wait to see your new growing family ,, so happy to hear you are well ❤️ Love juju!

  3. I was sick when I first heard of your cancer diagnosis. I am now relieved to hear it was not true. Loved her cooking show and her very handsome husband.


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