Rooster McConaughey Is Branching Out With Three Kids and Three Grandkids

Miller is already 17 and is about to graduate high school.

Midland, Texas: Will someone be crazy enough to name their kids after drinks they love? If you said no, think again—Rooster McConaughey will surely prove you wrong!

Key Takeaways

  • Rooster McConaughey is the dad of three children: one son from his first wife and another son and a daughter from his third wife, Erica McConaughey.
  • He named his newborn after the one thing he loved the most: beer!
  • The eldest son, Madison, is himself a father to three beautiful daughters.

The older brother of Matthew McConaughey’s humor is out of this world. The father of three has named two of his kids after the brand of alcoholic beverages he loves.

The Texas native became a father at age 21 when his ex-wife, Marsha Smyth, gave birth to a son, Madison Beaumont McConaughey, in September 1975.

The 48-year-old son is a family man who married Kristina Hanlan McConaughey.

Madison is a cattle farmer and a cowboy; he runs LP Ranch. Meanwhile, his wife works at LP Wives’ Beef, where she is the ranch veterinarian and sees the medical care for the cattle.

They are parents to three daughters: Rivers, 20, Bella, 18, and Anna McConaughey, 14.

Rooster loves his granddaughters and is often pictured hunting or spending time with them on their family ranch.

Why Did Rooster Name His Children After Beverage?

Rooster McConaughey named his son Miller Lyte (born 2006) and daughter Margarita Olympia McConaughey (born April 27, 2009) after the beer brands.

Surprisingly, when the beer company found out, it sent a year’s supply of products to the loyal fan.

He decided on the name when his friends started teasing him because he was an older dad who couldn’t “carry around that Miller Lite with you anymore.”

“[When my son] was born, I named him Miller, and his middle name is Lyte,” continued the actor.

My daughter’s name is Margarita Olympia, but she was named after her great-grandmother. I knew no one would believe that. I suggested Olympia for a middle name. Little did anyone know that was the name of a beer [too].”

Miller is already 17 and is about to graduate high school.

On the other hand, the youngest daughter, Margarita Olympia, aka Maggie, recently celebrated her Quinceañera, a 15th birthday celebration popular in Latin American culture, as she is half Mexican on her mother’s side.

She looked beautiful and happy, surrounded by family and friends. Her uncle Matthew also danced with her during the grand celebration.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Rooster started working with his dad at age 12 in the oil fields of Texas.
  • The reality show star never finished college but made his first million at age 30 working in the oil pipe business.
  • There is a third McConaughey brother, middle child Pat McConaughey, who was adopted.


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