Same Name, Different Families: Oliver Stone and Emma Stone’s Hollywood Coincidence

Are the Hollywood giants related?

While acclaimed movie director and screenwriter Oliver Stone and Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone share the same last name, they are not related.

Online users speculated about a potential relationship between the two celebrities with the same last name, prompting many to search the internet for answers.

However, it can be confirmed that apart from their shared passion for filmmaking, Oliver Stone and Emma Stone have no other ties.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite having the same last name, “Stone,” famous movie director Oliver Stone and actress Emma Stone are unrelated.
  • Oliver Stone’s family background includes Jewish and Catholic roots, while Emma Stone’s ancestry spans Swedish, German, English, Scottish, and Irish descent.
  • Their fathers’ important roles are significant in their personal lives and creative works.

Emma Stone was born on November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona, to Jeffrey Charles Stone, the founder and CEO of a construction company, and Krista Jean Stone (nΓ©e Yeager), a homemaker.

She spent her early teenage years living on the grounds of the Camelback Inn resort.

Her paternal grandfather, Conrad Ostberg Sten, was of Swedish descent, and the family changed their surname to “Stone.”

Emma’s ancestry also includes German, English, Scottish, and Irish roots.

On the other hand, Oliver Stone was born in New York City to Jacqueline (nΓ©e Goddet), a French woman, and Louis Stone (born Louis Silverstein), a stockbroker.

He grew up in Manhattan and Stamford, Connecticut. His parents met during World War II when his father was fighting as part of the Allied forces in France.

While Stone’s American-born father was Jewish, his French-born mother was Roman Catholic, though neither practiced their respective religions. Stone was raised in the Episcopal Church and now practices Buddhism.

His parents’ sudden divorce while he was away at school deeply impacted him, as he was an only child.

His mother’s frequent absences meant that his father played a significant role in shaping his life, which may explain the recurring theme of father-son relationships in his films.

Oliver often spent parts of his summer vacations with his maternal grandparents in France, both in Paris and La FertΓ©-sous-Jouarre in Seine-et-Marne.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Emma Stone is married to Dave McCary, a comedian and writer, and the couple are parents to a daughter, Louise Jean.
  • Although Emma is known as a redhead, her actual hair is blonde.
  • Oliver Stone has been married three times in his life and is currently married to Sun-jung Jung from South Korea.


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