Sasha Reid Husband & Family: A Look Into The Psychologist’s Personal Life

Her husband is a medical professional!

Sasha Reid, the star of the American true crime documentary series, “Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order,” is a devoted wife, daughter, and sister.

Key Takeaways

  • Sasha Reid, star of Freeform’s new series “Sasha Reid & The Midnight Order,” is married to Dr. Roman Reznikov.
  • Dr. Reznikov, also known as Roro Rez, is a medical professional with a diverse neuroscience and family medicine background.
  • Reid grew up in a Christian family in Dryden, Ontario, and experienced her parents’ divorce at age nine.

The series, “Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order,” will introduce the all-female team investigating the minds of serial killers.

The docuseries follows Sasha Reid as she leads the Midnight Order, a group of young women who band together to investigate and study the minds of serial killers.

Talking about the investigation and findings, Reid found her perfect match in Dr. Roman Reznikov.

A Match Made In Heaven

Sasha Reid is a married woman who tied the knot to Dr. Roman Reznikov, aka Roro Rez, in September 2022.

They dated for a while before deciding to wed in front of their family and friends.

The couple is made for eachother! Roman Reznikov boasts an impressive resume that can match Sasha’s.

Reznikov completed a master’s in neuroscience after completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and neurobiology at the University of Toronto.

His research on Deep Brain Stimulation in PTSD models gained international recognition, appearing in respected journals like Neuropsychopharmacology.

After obtaining his medical degree from McMaster University, Reznikov found his calling in Family Medicine and completed his training at the University of Calgary in 2020.

Both Reid and Reznikov share a deep commitment to understanding the human mind.

While Reid delves into the psyche of serial killers, Reznikov splits his time between general practice and providing psychotherapy.

Family Ties and Personal Growth

Sasha Reid, aka Alexandra Marie, was born and raised in Dryden, Ontario, by her devout Christian mother, Sally Sipos.

The developmental psychologist grew up with three siblings: one sister, Alexis, and two brothers, Andy and Josh Reid.

Sister Alexis Katherine is a Lakehead University kinesiology graduate who is dating her boyfriend, Justin Tougas.

Meanwhile, brother Andy is a software developer who is married to Michelle Kyle, and brother Josh is a former ice hockey player.

At nine, Reid experienced the trauma of her parents’ divorce. According to her, they both married other people, both of whom she deeply disliked: “I couldn’t stand either one of them.”

Sasha felt rejected and powerless, which fueled her interest in understanding human behavior.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Sasha Reid is a JD Candidate (2024), adding law to her impressive credentials.
  • Her husband, Dr. Reznikov, is passionate about outdoor activities, particularly alpine skiing and fishing.
  • The couple co-parent a cat named Binx.


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