Sasha Velour, The Lip-Sync Queen Is Doing It All

Sasha Velour, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9, is still remembered for her electrifying lip-sync performance, which shook the series.

Key Takeaways

  • Sasha Velour’s series-winning lip-sync performance is still talked about these days.
  • The drag queen is now engaged in many projects that showcase her creativity and talent among other contestants.
  • Her latest endeavor is the reality series “We’re Here,” which will premiere on April 26.

She competed against 14 drag queens for the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar,” and came out on top with her legendary lip-sync performance.

Winning $100K and a crown was not easy as she was considered an underdog; Sasha competed against Shea Couleé, who had more challenges to win in her bag that season.

All this was about to change when they lip-synced Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional.”

She began ripping off rose petals from her hand throughout her performance, which were hidden under her gloves.

At the climax, she did something rarely seen or heard: She lifted her crimson wig and unleashed a cascade of petals onto her signature shaved head, and the rest became history.

Where Is Sasha Velour Now?

Sash Velour lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her partner, Johnny Velour, and their Italian Greyhound, Vanya.

Velour is busy as usual, with her feet dipped in different projects.

She is currently starring in the new season of HBO’s “We’re Here,” which resumes on April 26 — being the voice of queers (an activist, if you may).

The show focuses on drag queens visiting small American towns, where they face stereotypical resistance.

While talking about her participation in the show, she mentioned that it is a fight against conservatives for her freedom of expression and the rights of queers.

In addition, the drag queen is touring the world for her “The Big Reveal” show.

She has already traveled to New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, London, Berlin, Stockholm, and many more, with her latest location being Lisbon.

Likewise, on April 22, Sasha was featured on the front page of the Washington Post’s arts section, “Sasha Velour Sashays Into The Culture Wars.”

Furthermore, she is all set to perform in her new theatrical show, “Velour: A Drag Spectacular.”

It opens in San Diego in August and is based on Velour’s book, which traces drag from ancient shamanistic ritual to Elizabethan theater and Chinese opera.


Is Sasha Velour A Fulbright Scholar?

Yes, the drag queen was indeed a Fulbright scholar who received the grant in 2009 to study the role of political art in contemporary Russian life.

Where Is Sasha Velour From?

Sasha was born in Berkeley, California, but was raised in New Haven, Connecticut, until she was nine, when her family moved to Urbana, Illinois.

Why Does Sasha Velour Have Bald Head?

She is bald as it is a tribute to her mother, Jane Hedges, who lost her hair during treatment for the disease and died of cancer in 2015.


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