Sherri Alexander Crichton’s Net Worth Is In Millions And Still Rising

She filed a creditor's claim against his estate, demanding $7 million in 2009!

Sherri Alexander Crichton, the former actress and bride of the great author Michael Crichton, is estimated to be worth above $10 million.

Key Takeaways

  • Sherri Alexander has continued her late husband’s legacy by publishing his unfinished novel, “Eruption.”
  • She has an estimated net worth of more than $10 million, which is expected to grow more.
  • Alexander had to face legal trouble regarding Crichton’s estate in the past.

Sherri Crichton was recently featured on CBS’s “Sunday Morning,” where she talked about her late husband’s new novel and said,

“I feel his energy around all the time.”

Sherri Alexander

The couple wedded in 2005 and had a son, John Michael.

Unfortunately, when John was still inside his mother’s belly, Michael passed away due to cancer at the age of 66.

Husband’s Net Worth And The Dispute For His Estate

At the time of his death, Michael Crichton’s net worth was $175 million, and according to Celebrity Net Worth, it was estimated to be around $400 million.

The wealth was distributed among his four ex-wives, Sherri, and a daughter, but his son wasn’t included.

John wouldn’t inherit anything since the unborn son wasn’t updated in his estate plan, which wasn’t acceptable to Sherri.

She wanted her son added and filed the lawsuit, but Crichton’s grown daughter, Taylor Anne, from a previous marriage, disagreed, and the two went into an estate battle.

Taylor opposed the lawsuit, and a long and drawn-out court battle ensued.

Ultimately, the judge ruled that the son would inherit a third of his father’s estate.

In addition, she filed a creditor’s claim against his estate, demanding $7 million in 2009.

According to the court documents, the former actress signed a prenup with Michael on April 22, 2005, which stated that she would receive $1,000,000 per year for nine years.

In addition, the document stated if Michael died, she would get the lump sum at once.

However, she only received $2 million and asked for the remaining amount.

It remains undisclosed what happened to the case, but it seems like she got what she asked for.

New Novel After 16 Years

One of the best-selling authors, Michael Crichton, has released a new novel, Eruption, 16 years after his death.

The “Jurrasic Park” author had an unfinished work centered around a massive volcanic eruption found in his office by his wife.

Sherri thought this could be something he wanted to share with the world, and as she read through the papers, she wanted to continue his legacy.

Hence, Sherri went towards James Patterson, another highly successful author, and though it was a challenge for him, the two finished the novel.

Moreover, the finished book is already said to have Studios lining up for the film rights.

As a result, the new book will surely skyrocket her net worth.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Michael Crichton was a doctor, having received an M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1969, but he chose not to practice medicine.
  • His father, John Henderson Crichton, was a journalist, and his mother, Zula Miller Crichton, was a homemaker.
  • Crichton was a workaholic who would wake up even at 2 am to write.


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