Sophia Skoro’s Parents Are Carpet Kings Of Portland

Her dad is “Carpet Carl” Skoro, the owner of Marion’s massive empire!

If you’re a Vanderpump Rules fan, you’ve definitely heard of Tom Schwartz’s new girlfriend, Sophia Skoro.

Key Takeaways

  • Sophia Skoro, Tom Schwartz’s new girlfriend, comes from a wealthy family that runs a major carpet and flooring business in Portland.
  • Her parents, Bernice and Carl “Carpet Carl” Skoro, have been married since 1997.
  • Instead of joining the family carpet business, Sophia moved to California after college to pursue her own interests in media and start her own vintage clothing brand.

The 23-year-old caught Schwartz’s eye nearly two years after his divorce from Katie Maloney.

Despite an 18-year age gap, the two lovebirds don’t let it faze them.

But Sophia is more than just the new girl in Schwartz’s life as she comes from a wealthy family running a major carpet business in Portland.

Let me introduce you to Sophia’s parents!

The Couple Behind Marion’s Carpet & Flooring Warehouses

Sophia’s mom, Bernice Skoro, is a Cleveland High School alum who still calls Portland home.

Her dad is “Carpet Carl” Skoro, the owner of Marion’s massive empire.

They have been married since 1997 and raised Sophia alongside her younger brother Gabe, a baseball star from Lincoln High.

Carpet Business With 60 Years Of Legacy

Carl’s father, Marion, and his mother founded the company in 1965 as a furniture upholstery business on Southeast 52nd.

Now, Marion is one of the biggest carpet dealers in the Portland area, running gigantic warehouses on Grand Avenue since 1993.

“Carpet Carl” is an actual carpet celebrity, getting featured in national flooring magazines multiple times.

So yeah, Sophia may be dating a reality TV star, but she’s basically royalty in the carpet world.

The girl comes from a long line of flooring moguls who have run a hugely successful local business for decades.

Self-described nepo-baby, Sophia opted for the more glamorous media world, not opting for herself in the carpet world.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Sophia Skoro moved to California in 2022 after graduating from the University Of Oregon.
  • She has a clothing brand called “Shop Sosko,” where she is a curated vintage designer.
  • Skoro has been the Associate Media Planner at Publicis Groupe for over one and a half years.


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