South Florida Native Sean Palmieri Has Signed New Deals After Exiting “Selling The OC”

Sean Palmieri is branching out with a new deal!

South Florida: Sean Palmieri, the original cast member of the Netflix reality show, “Selling The OC,” has been trending since season 3 dropped.

Key Takeaways

  • Sean Palmieri has left the reality show Selling The OC after three seasons, citing personal reasons.
  • After leaving the series, he partnered with the top-producing team, Steve Games.
  • Palmieri, originally from Miami, Florida, loves the place and often goes back and forth from California.

The third installment of the popular show was released on May 3, and it was filled with entertainment and drama.

One that stood out was the drama between Sean and Austin Victoria, where they nearly squared off.

Since the incident, many fans have been curious to find out where Sean Palmieri is now and details regarding his background.

Where Is Sean Palmieri Now?

Even before the show premiered, Sean Palmieri left the Oppenheim Group as another cast member claimed that he had made the environment “toxic in the office.”

However, it was reported that the reality star left Jason Oppenheim’s real estate agency of his own accord and was not fired.

Regarding his exit, Jason said,

I can’t imagine that it didn’t have something to do with the drama, but I’m sure that professionally he wasn’t finding a lot of success.”

Jason Oppenheim

He added,

I think that the fact that Sean came to me and told me that he was going to be leaving probably made things easier.

Jason Oppenheim

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sean left the real estate agency in February but has already laid out newer plans for his future.

In fact, Sean has signed as a partner with a top-producing team, Steave Games, who previously owned Prudential California Realty and Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty.

The University of Florida graduate said,

I’m eager to explore the opportunities that lie ahead for my business and success in this vibrant community.”

Sean Palmieri

Where Is Sean Palmieri From?

The South Florida native was born to American parents and spent his formative years in West Palm Beach, Florida.

After graduating from high school, Sean moved to Gainesville, where he pursued a degree in Advertising at the University of Florida.

With a Bachelor’s degree in 2016, Palmieri dove into the realm of real estate.

“I’m so grateful for my time in South Florida,” says the reality star.

Sean Palmieri

Although he had no plans to leave Miami, he moved to California after a visit to his family in San Diego, which opened his eyes to the beauty of the Southern California lifestyle.

Now, he is thriving, spending time in both states, taking on more clients, and enjoying the process.

When Sean isn’t working, he loves exploring private and remote beaches and becoming one with nature through meditation.

Moroever, he also loves hosting and attending dinner parties and never misses an opportunity to cook and share good food with friends.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Sean Palmieri identifies himself as a traveler, foodie, and film/TV enthusiast.
  • He started his career in real estate by joining the prestigious One Sotheby’s International Realty after graduating from university.
  • Palmieri loves to drink wine and eat steak, with Belle Glos being his favorite pinot noir.


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