Speculation Of Jeff Kober Using Hearing Aid Goes Viral

The actor has neither agreed nor denied the rumor!

There is an ongoing rumor about “General Hospital” actor Jeff Kober using a hearing aid, with some even claiming he is deaf.

How true is it? Well, for starters, Kober is definitely not deaf.

But hearing aids are a different topic, and there are many debates about whether he uses an assistant to listen properly.

Key Takeaways

  • “General Hospital” actor Jeff Kober is speculated to be using a hearing aid, as his fans have mentioned on forums.
  • The actor has neither agreed nor denied the rumor.

Fans’ Discussion On Various Platforms

The dialogue started in 2020 after a fan of his show asked a question on Soaps.com’s Message Board:

“Does the actor who plays Cyrus have hearing aids in his ears because every time I see him, it looks like he’s got hearing aids or some sort of hearing aid did you guys ever notice that?”

It started a debate about whether the actor had been using a hearing aid or not.

Fans of the show were quick to respond, as one wrote,

I’m a hearing specialist so I always notice when someone has hearing aids- yes he does. He seems to only wear one from what I’ve seen

Classygirl27 Via Soaps Message Board

Describing what she saw, a fan added,

I think Jeff Kober (Cyrus) has 2 hearing aids. Last week, the camera angle was behind his right ear & in the same scene, after the camera was on the other person in the scene, the camera angle was behind his left ear & he had hearing aids on both ears!

lilmom8553 Via Soaps Message Board

Coming to support the group, the next one said,

He does have at least one hearing aid. I think maybe having a hearing issue might explain why he enunciates so clearly, like he’s making sure every word he says is heard and understood.

Diva4adayredux Via Soaps Message Board

Similarly, there is a nine-months-old topic of discussion titled “Cyrus’ Left Ear” on Reddit, which says,

“Did anyone notice the small arched silver piece over the back of Cyrus’ left ear at the start of the show? He was in the library talking with Drew. In later shots, it was missing. Wondering if it was a device to record their discussion or just a faux pas on the part of the show.”

One Reddit user confirmed and said,

I work for Miracle-Ear and noticed it last year. Yup, it’s a hearing aid.

araybian Via Reddit

Another one followed up,

Pretty sure it’s a hearing aid. Many people have trouble hearing when they’re older, even if they didn’t have trouble hearing before, and Cyrus[Jeff] ain’t no spring chicken.

Cut-Unique Via Reddit

The third one wrote,

I think he talked about his hearing loss when he was on Mo’s State of Mind episode.

Single-Vacation-1908 Via Reddit

Based on all these opinions, it seems that the actor wears a hearing aid in one ear, but he hasn’t disclosed this information.

So, we cannot assume without any official confirmation. One thing is for sure: Jeff may not necessarily use it for daily purposes.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Jeff Kober was born in Billings, Montana, and moved to Los Angeles in his twenties.
  • He is a bass guitarist in a band, “The Walking Wounded.”
  • Kober has been married three times in his life; the first was with Rhonda Talbot, the second with Kelly Cutrone, and the third and current wife is Adele Slaughter.


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