Swamp People Star Dusty Crum Battles Back From Car Crash

People who enjoy hunting and are strong for reptiles might be familiar with Dusty Crum. For those without idea, he is a well-known figure from the TV show Swamp People.

Hailing from Louisiana, Dusty is an expert reptile hunter, especially pythons, who has spent most of his life in the Everglades of Florida.

As reptile hunting is one challenging endeavor, it often injures many hunters. Despite his strength, Crums experienced an injury to his leg that a reptile didn’t cause.

What led to Dusty’s leg injury? Did it happen during his work? Why did he take a break from Swamp People? Let’s explore what we know.

Key Takeaways

  • Dusty Crum sustained a severe leg injury from a horrific car accident in Florida.
  • He spent nearly four weeks hospitalized and required rehabilitation for his recovery.
  • Crum hopes to return to his passion for python hunting in the Everglades.

Incredible Survival Story After Horrific Car Crash

After viewers of Swamp People noticed Dusty’s leg scars, concerns arose about his condition. Dusty experienced a traumatic event stemming from an accident that left him fearing for his life.

According to Crum’s statements to TMZ, he was riding in the passenger seat when a tire suddenly failed on a highway in Florida, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

The truck swerved from side to side before flipping over three times. During one of the rollovers, Crum’s window broke, and his leg ended up outside the vehicle, getting crushed under the truck’s weight.

Crum managed to pull his leg back inside as the truck continued rolling. However, he sustained significant damage to his lower right leg and knee area.

Emergency responders airlifted Crum to a hospital, where doctors were fortunately able to save his leg after performing five separate surgical procedures.

The Wildman feared he might d*e from the accident. In a quick-thinking move, he fashioned a tourniquet from his shirt to stem the bleeding while awaiting paramedics at the roadside.

Crum has remained hospitalized for nearly four weeks following the surgeries. He hopes to transfer to a rehabilitation facility within the next few days to continue his recovery.

Fans Saved Dusty Crum From Medical Debt

As per the “Guardians of The Glades” star, he had to go through five surgical operations after suffering major damage to his lower right leg and knee area.

Dusty reportedly had a traumatic experience and spent nearly a month in the hospital and required rehabilitation to recuperate fully.

One of his friends, Joe Waves, started an online fundraising campaign for the python hunter to help with the cost of his medical bills.

The fundraiser page explained, “Dusty does not have medical insurance and faces overwhelming debt from his ongoing healthcare expenses. Any financial help and your prayers would be tremendously appreciated.”

The fundraiser’s initial goal was $20,000, but later, the target was exceeded, with over 200 donors contributing $20,290. Dusty expressed deep gratitude to those who donated and helped him in his bad phase.


What Happened To Dusty Crums?

Back in 2021, Dusty Crums met with a car accident, resulting in a compound fracture and extensive tissue damage.

Where Does Dusty Crums Live?

Originally from Louisiana, Crums spent his entire life in the Florida Everglades.


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