Tech’s Passing Confirmed With Beautiful Tribute In “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Finale

Thoughtful homage to the team player!

In the season 3 finale of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, it was finally confirmed that Tech was actually dead, which left fans heartbroken and emotional.  

Key Takeaways

  • “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” ended after three seasons, and they finally revealed Tech’s fate.
  • The character passed away after sacrificing himself to save the team.
  • The series paid tribute to him, showing his iconic goggles, which Omega places in the dash of her ship.

Spoiler Alert! Read At Your Own Risk!

Tech, the beloved Clone Force 99 member, was the computer and weapons specialist who could solve technical issues with his data analysis skill, even faster than some droids.

The talkative one among the bunch was the mentor of Omega (he acted as the flight instructor), a young female clone and the show’s protagonist.

He sacrificed himself during an escape scene in order to let others run away.

Fans of the show were looking forward to his return in the last season, hoping that he may have survived, even though he was presumed dead in season 2.

Nonetheless, the final episode ends with a lovely tribute to the character.

Tech’s goggles are adjusted by adult Omega, sitting on the dash of her ship just before she leaves to assist the Rebellion.

What a happy and satisfying conclusion to the action-packed series!

It was a relief to know that all the gang—Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, Omega, and Echo—survived The Bad Batch season 3’s ending.

What Happened To Tech On The Bad Batch?

In the season 2 double-episode finale, the team goes on a mission to Eriadu, Governor Tarkin’s homeworld, to rescue their long-lost brother Crosshair.

Their plan was to place a tracker on Dr. Hemlock’s ship so that they could pinpoint Crosshair’s location.

However, the plan didn’t go smoothly after Saw Gerrera, from Andor and Rogue One, created a team of rebels who wanted to blow the place up.

They were busted, and in the chaos, Gerrera set off his explosives without properly placing them.

As a result, it knocks out the power of suspended rail cars, which Tech and his team were using to escape.

After being trapped in an abyss, Tech got on the track and ran to a terminal to make it work.

While he was giving his everything, Tarkin sent air support, and the ships’ blasters broke the cars apart.

Tech made it just in time to the back car, which was splitting off. He tried climbing to his friends but couldn’t make it in time.

So, Tech shot the last connection between the cars and fell to his death.

He had a heroic death, as he sacrificed himself purely for the sake of his brothers and Omega, not for war effort or orders.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Tech is a genetically defective clone of Jango Fett, whose mutation is enhanced intelligence, a large deposit of technology, and knowledge.
  • He is the only clone who wears goggles, making his looks legendary.


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